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An All-Black Brand, Blvck Paris Is A Well-Renowned Name In The Clothing Industry




Founded by a French designer Julian O’hayon in the year 2017, Blvck Paris is a clothing and accessories brand that is committed to an all-black product range. Known as a luxury brand, Blvck Paris has it all in the store! From clothing to accessories, one can find almost anything and fall in love with Blvck. Not only is the brand famous in the fashion industry, but it is also very popular among netizens who have already crowded its social media pages. With an aesthetic touch to its social media marketing, the brand has successfully been able to catch the attention of the masses and thus, make a space for it. Yet the most striking feature of the brand is its head designer- Julian O’hayon. A talented individual with professional skills that are simply magnificent, the brand has gathered much love and support as a result of his undying love for ‘all-black’ merchandise and unique designs. Struck by his work and the amount of richness that flows out of the brand products, one can’t simply keep away his hands from his merchandise. It is his belief in his own abilities and the confidence for the all-black campaign that has made his brand one of the most popular pages on Instagram with over 900,000 followers!

When asked about his objective, Julian replies that it’s the love for black that pushed him to do such a thing. Building a brand was not easy, but the passion for the hidden objective kept him going. Belonging to the fashion and design industry, he simply says that black has become more than just a colour. It’s a way of expression, a way of living life! Perhaps it is his objective to portray black as a way of lifestyle that influenced him to launch a brand with an all-black product range. From leather products to clothing, to accessories, the brand houses everything in black! An entirely different foundation of the brand is another striking feature that makes is stand apart from all others. Swiping away the traditional norms of avoiding the black colour, his brand sells the colour as the most lovable colour all around the world. With no pinkish hues or lush green strokes, the brand has remained true to its spirit ever since the days of its launch!

When the topic is the success of his brand, he claims that one must pay equal attention to customer feedback and the spirit that one’s brand portrays. By staying true to his brand’s values and vision, he has brought a new kind of enthusiasm and energy in the industry with more and more designers appreciating his work and dedication. His brainchild, the brand Blvck Paris has simply done wonders within a short span of 3 years and is surely going to do better in the long run! Inspired by his own love for black, O’hayon is yet another person to prove that believing in oneself always leads to empowerment!

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