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A Simple & Secure Way to Sell Well-Established Websites – Latona’s by Rick Latona




Years of hard work, extensive research, attempts to acquire funds, attracting investors, and laying a stable foundation – setting up and building a business from scratch, be it a physical setup or an online store, is a challenge. It takes months, years, and sometimes an eternity to stabilize a business. Moreover, half of the companies do not even make it past the first year.

The business owners who are able to set up and keep a business running past the five-year-mark are the ones that are close to success. These individuals make innumerable compromises, invest a lot of monetary and non-monetary efforts, to bring their business to such a degree of stability.

However, sometimes, these business owners have to sell off their business, which they worked so hard for, and it is not an easy decision. None of the business owners have the courage to sell their business unless they are left with no other choice. Even when the situation forces them to consider selling off their setup, finding the right buyer that respects the business is a whole new challenge.

While there are hundreds of business brokers in the market, the owners of online businesses have t struggle to find someone who really understands. There is one Mergers and Acquisitions company that specializes in online and stay-at-home businesses – Latona’s LLC.

The Puerto Rico-based business brokerage firm is one of the few firms that focus on cash flow positive digital assets. Finding the right buyer is difficult, even when selling a brick-and-mortar business. Things get tricky when it is about selling online setups such as websites, eCommerce stores. Latona’s was founded in 2008, and since then, it has been helping business owners sell their digital setups simply and securely.

Valuing Digital Businesses, the Right Way

Whether its an investor looking to put money in a profitable setup or a business owner is looking to sell off their setup, it is crucial that digital business is accurately valued. Latona’s that came into the picture in 2008 was founded by Rick Latona for this purpose. He wanted to provide a platform for both investors and business owners to invest in the right business and sell their setup at the right price, respectively.

The digital assets this boutique business brokerage firm deals with includes websites, eCommerce (including Amazon FBA and Shopify), membership, lead gen, and software-as-a-service businesses (SAAS), and domain portfolios.

Latona’s LLC. made it big in 2008, but it was operating for a long time. The company initially started as a domain brokerage firm. Things were going smoothly until Rick Latona was hit with a major financial crisis, which served as a major setback for the company.

Rick was not left with much after the crisis, but whatever he had, he wanted to use it wisely. He used all his savings and went to Harvard Business School (HBS) with an aim to start over. It helped Rick develop a different vision for the business.

He rebranded the company with a focus on cash flow positive web properties and updated the portfolio to include content websites, eCommerce stores, domain portfolios, lead generation, membership sites, and SaaS-based businesses.

Using a confidential listing, the company markets the available companies with a confidential listing on the website. It then announces the listings and price changes in its weekly newsletter. It also shares the listings to its VIP customer list, private equity investors, and even cold-calling prospects.

Latona’s attracts listings through marketing, referrals, broker outreach, and existing relationships with clients. The seller executes a Seller’s Agreement, which spells out the duties of both the seller and broker. The broker then takes company information from a seller and creates a strategic pricing and marketing plan. The plan includes a prospectus for the buyers with a signed NDA on file. The buyers then have to sign NDAs to receive information and negotiate with the seller and present letters-of-intent (LOI) to purchase with the terms included.

Connecting People in a Safe and Secure Manner

Latona’s LLC. offers its services to areas, including New York County, Puerto Rico, Atlantic County, Anderson County, Bedford County, Blackford County, Berkshire County, Sussex County, and Honolulu County.

The company provides a platform for investors, buyers, sellers, and acquirers, and entrepreneurs. It connects investors with business opportunities, introduces buyers with sellers, and helps entrepreneurs find investors and acquirers.

It is one of the most well-reputed digital business brokerage firms that function seamlessly under the CEO and founder, Rick Latona, who is a major player in the domain name market. In 2015, it handled 13 sales over $1 million and already has $3 million in sales this month. Since then, the company is rapidly gaining success in the industry.

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