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A lot of Parents are Shifting to Advanced Cloth Diapers, that are Skin, Environment & Pocket Friendly




Diapering is one of the major parenting responsibilities. The disposable diapers cause rashes and are really expensive to afford every day, and the cloth langot doesn’t last long & need to be cleaned after every pee or potty. The wetness causes discomfort and health problems. Parents have no options other than ending up with either of the options.

Advanced cloth diapers or the Modern cloth diapers are here to change everything about diapering. They come with layers of Organic Cotton to absorb the urine, instead of the harmful chemicals. It has a unique fabric layer on top. This keeps baby skin dry and forms a waterproof outer shell. It gives 12 hours absorbency (at night) in cloth. They are reusable 250+ times. And are extremely economical compared to the plastic- chemical ones. Also the very same diapers can fit the baby from birth till potty training. A few cloth diapers are good for the entire diapering phase.

A new baby uses 5000+ disposable diapers over a period of the first 3 years. That means there is a lot of plastic going into landfills. This plastic is sitting there for 500+ years. 3 crore babies born in India each year. This is huge plastic waste that the planet really cannot afford.

All in all Advanced Cloth Diapers are really kind on baby’s skin as there are no chemicals involved. The baby skin is happy all the times. Washing these diapers is as simple as washing any baby garment. Rinse off the poop and pee first & then it can be washed with regular clothing in washing machine.

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