A Brief Guide on Whirlpool Baths

As its name suggests, a whirlpool bath is a tub that features self-contained jets of water designed primarily for the purpose of massaging and relaxing the muscles. Air or water powers these jets and puts the body in a therapeutic soak, emphasising comfort. Because of their features, these bathtubs tend to be bigger than their standard alternatives and boast a substantial capacity for water, requiring a sizable bathroom. 

What are whirlpool baths’ features?

The most common feature that whirlpool baths have are their jets. Most tend to come with six to eight jets strategically positioned around the bathtub to hit and soothe the body’s muscle groups effectively. Another feature that many of these bathtubs share is their size. While they’re available in various types and sizes, they all need enough room to accommodate a person sitting upright when bathing. In addition, electric pumps are needed to pump the water via their jets.

Common parts

The main parts of these types of bathtubs are the controls, pumps, and jets. They’re all generally easy to find and identify, and familiarising yourself with them will enable you to determine the aspect you’ll want to invest more in, modify, or replace should the need arise.

  • Water jets. The water jets of a whirlpool tub are its primary features, and they typically come in a set of six. They are placed around the bathtub to ensure the user’s muscle groups are adequately massaged.
  • Pump. This apparatus is responsible for pumping water through the bathtub’s jets and keeping its flow constant.
  • Controls. Whirlpool bath controls usually come in manual knobs, but also electric versions can control the pressure and speed of its jets.  

Whirlpool bath types

Like standard bathtubs, whirlpool baths come in different sizes and types to fit into any bathroom as long as there’s enough space. Here are some of the most common styles:

  • Drop-in. One of the most common whirlpool baths is the drop-in tubs, which have carved-out spaces or recesses. Through this method of installation, the bathtub can be flush and consistent with its surrounding area, making it more aesthetically pleasing while saving on space.
  • Corner. As the name implies, corner tubs are built on the corner to provide more bathroom space without compromising the bathing area’s size. While the abovementioned drop-in whirlpool baths are typically rectangular, corner tubs are usually triangular, offering a unique and creative shape to fit in a bathroom.
  • Clawfoot. Perhaps the most luxurious option for whirlpool baths, the clawfoot is a freestanding bathtub that possesses all other features of the standard tubs. They’re generally large in size and can be placed anywhere, adding more comfort to the experience. However, remember that you’ll need a lot of space for this option.


Whirlpool baths are an excellent option for those looking to enhance their bathing experience. They can also elevate the value of a home, serving as a talking point that will allow you to stick as close to your price if or when the time comes to sell. But make sure you do your research and only purchase these big-ticket items from reliable brands to get the desired results.

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