5 Reasons Fit Body Boot Camp Is the Best Franchise Opportunity in 2020

You want to own a business that adds value to people’s lives, and you want to do it now! The only problem is figuring out how to make it happen.

Creating a successful business from scratch is a daunting task. So you consider franchise opportunities. But they’re expensive too, and the thought of giving away more of your income as you succeed hurts.

If only there was a franchise that had minimal startup costs, marketed itself, and had a raving customer base.

Well, there is: Fit Body Boot Camp (FBBC), the anti-franchise franchise that makes it possible for you to be up and running and profitable in no time.

Here are five reasons FBBC has been the best franchise opportunity of the past decade and why 2020 will be no different.

Top Franchise Opportunity for 2020

1. Minimal Startup Costs

Opening a new business can be intimidating and cost-prohibitive. Once you start spending money, you have no clue when it’ll stop. With best gym franchise opportunity 2020FBBC, you know exactly how much you’ll spend to get things running, and franchises are often profitable within the first three months.

That’s because our franchising fee is a fraction of what other franchised companies charge. Beyond the franchise fee, you don’t need $100,000 of equipment or a giant workout facility. All you need is a little bit of space and some basic exercise equipment.

To keep your costs down, franchisees are encouraged to rent no more than 2,500 square feet with a bathroom when getting started. Once you outgrow your space, move into a larger area.

Not able to foot the initial start-up costs? No problem. As long as you’ve got good credit, you can spread the initial payment over three months, with no interest or additional fees.

Afraid of buying the wrong exercise equipment? FBBC tells franchisees exactly what to buy and can even order the equipment and flooring for you. So there’s no risk that you’ll wind up with unnecessary equipment.

2. Flat Royalty Fee

The traditional franchise model is a money-taker, not a money-maker. When you’re more profitable, you send more of your hard-earned cash to corporate headquarters. That’s because traditional franchises operate on a percentage royalty rate.

Make $10,000 in a month? If you’re on a 6% royalty rate, that will cost you $600. Triple your sales and bring in $30,000 in a month? Congrats! Now you pay $1,800 to corporate. That’s $1,200 you could have used on additional marketing, pay raises, or opening the next franchise location.

FBBC’s royalty system is one reason it’s the best franchise opportunity in 2020. Unlike percentage royalty rates, FBBC doesn’t punish you for being successful. Instead, FBBC charges a flat fee of $997 per month, regardless of how much your franchise makes.

So when you grow your location to be a six- or seven-figure franchise, you don’t pay FBBC more. You pay yourself more.

3. Full-Service Marketing

Marketing is often the downfall of start-up businesses. Not with the Fit Body Boot Camp gym franchise opportunity.

From day one, FBBC franchisees have unparalleled marketing support. You’ll know what and when to advertise, how to develop price points for memberships, the best way to turn lead calls and walk-ins into customers, and how to retain members.

But that’s not all. Another reason FBBC is one of the best bets for franchising in 2020 is that FBBC takes care of a lot of your marketing needs.

As an FBBC franchisee, you don’t have to worry about building a website or running ads. FBBC’s team of professional marketers do it for you. The team crafts the perfect ads for your location, monitors your Facebook and Google ads, and makes sure your marketing dollars have the biggest impact.

This is one reason FBBC is the world’s fastest growing fitness boot camp. Having this team of experts on your side lets you focus on big-picture growth and signing up all the customers who come your way courtesy of the FBBC marketing pros.

4. Ongoing Support for Franchisees

Don’t have a fitness background? No problem. FBBC helps franchisees get their businesses up and running, regardless of their knowledge of the fitness industry. In fact, some of the most successful FBBC gym franchisees never worked in fitness until launching their franchise locations.

This is made possible by easy-to-follow, step-by-step training and education offered every step of the way. And the support doesn’t end when you open for business.

As you grow, FBBC supports and develops you as a business owner, so you have incredible success. When you face challenges, the FBBC team helps you navigate them.

Through the years, FBBC has led franchisees through a variety of difficult times, including the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. While other fitness franchise owners simply braced for the worst or filed for unemployment, FBBC took action. Within a matter of days, FBBC shifted all their franchisees’ customers to live online training, opening the door to continued profit.

5. The Franchise System Works

In any business, nothing matters if the product isn’t phenomenal. People may pay membership dues for a month, but if they don’t see results, they’ll cancel. Even worse, those dissatisfied customers will tell all their family and friends to stay away.

And that’s the top reason FBBC is the top franchising opportunity of 2020. Simply put, it works!

Each and every day, FBBC members see results. As they listen to their trainers, they learn to exercise and eat well. They feel and look better. They lose weight and gain muscle. Their self-confidence improves, and they enjoy life like never before.

When this happens (and it happens consistently with FBBC), those happy customers can’t help but tell others about their success. Before you know it, the customer you help live a healthier life walks in with three of her best friends. A week later, they each bring another pal.

Three months later, you need a bigger location. Because you’re serving people, and they’re seeing results.

A Franchise Opportunity to Change Lives

Because you opened up a Fit Body Boot Camp, people’s lives are changed.

If that’s something you want in on, take some time to learn more about FBBC, the top franchising opportunity of 2020.

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