How Gym Franchises Like Fit Body Boot Camp Are Adapting to Survive Covid-19

Millions of Americans go to gym franchises all over the country, but the COVID-19 pandemic has caused anxiety and fear that even going to the gym seems like going to a death row rather than Q+ Sending Comfort On a Missionfeeling comfort. As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise, the government is urging everyone to practice social distancing, making them at the mercy of rules never before enforced in the United States. It makes healthy practices like exercise or going to spin classes potentially do more harm than good.

In the United States, the majority of fitness and gym chains closed their business in an attempt to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. It’s common knowledge that in the gym, there are tons of people coming in and out, and it would be challenging to screen who the carriers of the virus. Not to mention, gym equipment is accessible by all members, which helps prevent the spread of infection.

Fit Body Boot Camp’s Adaptive for Their Gym Franchisee’s and Members

Fitness franchise CEO for Fit Body Boot Camp has come up with adapting business strategies in response to clients’ requests.  Now is the time to keep the body healthy as well as the business healthy. Exercise keeps the immune system in tip-top shape giving your body its natural defense against all types of infections. Currently, fitness franchise centers are closed due to coronavirus outbreak, but it does not necessarily mean fitness will be set aside. The ability to adapt their business model helps both the clients and franchisees which is what makes Fit Body Boot Camp the best gym franchise opportunity in the world. In the following video Bedros Keuilian, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, talks about how they are doing this on Fox News.

Leadership at fitness franchises like Fit Body Boot Camp helps both their clients and franchise owners weather the storm.

At-Home Workouts by Fit Body Boot Camp

Working out at home may sound challenging, especially for people who used to exercise in a gym environment, but it is not impossible. Fit Body Boot Camp has come up with a creative solution to keep you moving even at home. It offers a 28-day at-home workout so that clients can still perform their exercise routines right in the comfort of their home. Bedros Keuilian, the CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, ensures clients all over the country can still enjoy their membership benefits even though the world is in chaos right now. Freedom to workout at home is a possiblity.

Keeping the body healthy at home is extremely important. Exercises release endorphins, a hormone that counteracts response to stress. Stress causes free radicals, which can cause havoc to the immune system. What exercise does is that it does not only improve physical health but mental health as well.

With Fit Body Boot Camp’s at-home workout routine, members no longer have to go to the traditional brick and mortar gym and risk contracting the virus.  Members and new clients of this gym franchise can get an endorphin fix at home. Currently, there is no specific time frame as to when the situation will go back to normal although there is speculation that Easter Weekend could still be celebrated with family ending this in what President Trump calls, “a beautiful timeline”. The health crisis, COVID-19 pandemic, has not only affected the United States but the rest of the world causing a great awakening where people realize that simple things like supply chains need to be fixed. It has affected not only the health and fitness sectors but all industries and aspects of life causing a domino effect

Social distancing, avoiding social gatherings, and staying at home are highly recommended. Making use of the isolation time wisely by reading the Bible, praying, and spending time with family. Taking advantage of the free online training offered by Fit Body Boot Camp is another great way to spend time in isolation. As one of the country’s best gym franchise opportunity, Fit Body Boot Camp supports President Trumps government is exerting all possible measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. It is a difficult and trying time for everyone, as none of us is accustomed to this way of life. But rest assured that the government is doing the best it can to find a solution to this problem. Everyone can help in preventing the spread of infection, and that is staying at home. Kill boredom while keeping the body fit and healthy with Fit Body Boot Camp’s free online training.

The world stands united to fight CoronaVirus and freedom will return again soon. As patriots say “Where We Go One We Go All”, #WWG1WGA, we will beat the invisible enemy.

Go to and sign up for the 28 day at home workout challenge

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