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5 questions with Dr Gabe Rosenthal, Celebrity Dentist and Entrepreneur




Dr Gabe Rosenthal is seemingly everywhere: He has made appearances on MTV, OWN, famous YouTube channels, Health Networks and all over social media with his high profile patients and collaborations. Patients seen by the doc include French Montana, BlackBear, Bazzi, Emma Kenney, Jake Paul, Madison Beer, James Charles, Emily and Natalie Alyn Lind, NBA Champ Nick Young, NFL champ Brandon Marshall, Nash Grier, Sheila E, UFC Champ Luke Rockhold and Tik Tok megastars Dani Cohn, Kristen Hancher, Jaden Hossler, the Stokes Twins, and Chase Hudson among many others . Lets learn more about his journey and any advice he can offer to businesses looking to take the next great leap!

Can you give us a quick background to familiarise the readers?

GR: I started Rosenthal Dental from scratch about 8 years ago. We have grown into two popular offices (Encino and Los Angeles), and we are opening up a third location. I have also made most of my services portable to see patients who need me anytime and anywhere.

How did you wind up being the it” dentist?

GR: When I first started, I strive to answer the question that I still ask today: what can we offer our patients that is better than the 1,000s of dentists out there, and how can we do better? You should never stop asking and answering those questions whether its week 1 or week 1,000 of your business. Word of mouth grew and people started coming in exponentially. A few high profile patients came in and were happy. This created an avalanche effect.

What are some pieces of advice to businesses trying to grow and reach that next level?

GR: I would say always invest in your business and treat every client or patient like gold. When someone comes in, they are choosing you. They could go anywhere else, and my goal is to make them extremely grateful they ended up here. Whenever new technology or a new service comes out that is better than what we have, I buy it and try to master it. Whether my patients realize it or not, I am giving my all on each case with time and effort. I put my heart and soul into each case and into my social media, so the world can see.

Continuing on the social media theme, when did you realize that people are interested?

GR: When I first started, we were doing amazing makeovers big and small. We were also seeing really cool patients who have a lot of fans. I started heavily on Facebook and paid for Facebook ads. Facebook used to have a really high engagement, and people responded by likes, positive comments, and booking appointments to see me. In 2014 we started an Instagram page, but I didnt really update it consistently until 2017. The response to posts, tagged stories, before and after cases, and selfies with my top stars was massive. Thats when we started seeing the most incredible social media stars, athletes, and Hollywood stars.

What does the future hold for Dr. Gabe?

I have zero plans to slow down my appointments and patient care. We are adding more dentists and growing our dental team. I am always open to evolving to new and better ideas. Expect to see more amazing patients and cases, with new equipment and technology. My past, present and future all have the same thing in common: treat all of my patients like gold and do the best we can for them!

From television to the internet platform, Greg switched his journey in digital media with California Herald. After serving as a journalist for popular news channels he currently contributes his experience for California Herald by writing latest and trending Politics news.

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