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10 things You Didn’t Know About Ajdaguru




Ajdaguru is a music influencer and producer who is popular for his strong music production & influencing skills. He offers his music influencing services to the independent artists in order to help them shine in the music industry.

In his career as a music influencer so far, Ajdaguru has helped many artists to gain popularity in the music world. Ajdaguru has achieved a big name in this music world, but still, there are a few things that people don’t know about him. Here we have listed some rather less known facts about him which will give you more insight into his life. Read further to know about them:

  1. Ajdaguru had launched a music blog titled Inyaearhiphip in 2014, where he promotes the work of many music artists.
  2. He has even interviewed many music artists namely, G Herbo, Lil Uzi, Vert, Post Malone, etc.
  3. Anthony James Sledge, nicknamed Ajdaguru, began composing music at 12. And by the age of 14, he had already founded a rap group called CBC with his friends.
  4. He is passionate about hip-hop and he has been charted at position 43 on the iTunes 200 charts in South Africa.
  5. Ajdaguru would spend his time producing and composing his own music when he was very young. And from then till now, he has worked with many popular artists like Chicago rapper GLC, King Chip, and Chevy Woods.
  6. The music enthusiast started producing music in his studio after high school.
  7. During his childhood days, Ajdaguru’s mother, Tywana, would listen to his music and encourage him.
  8. So far in his career, he has set up major label meetings and launched three hip-hop showcases to support emerging artists.
  9. Ajdaguru’s sequel to his Livestrumental series – Livestrumentals Vol. 2 featured a guest appearance.
  10. Ajdaguru got his first break with Kanye West collaborator, GLC at the age of 28 under his production name, Mr. Live.

These were some of the interesting facts we could gather about the popular influencer. We hope they serve their purpose and you get to know him better.

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