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You need to win over South Asian Countries to Become a Successful Business in Asia




The South Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Singapore aren’t just tiny islands. They have a whole scope to enrich and widen your business. However, expanding business in ASEAN countries isn’t easy. One needs to crack the language, learn the culture, and localize the business to succeed.

While it may seem hard, there are a few things one can do to localize a business. Localization and translation are two different things. On one hand translation means, translating the language of your business(most probably English) to the local language; on the other hand, localization means changing the entire process of marketing and selling the product according to the local culture.

According to a renowned SEO agency, to take over the South Asian Market, a business needs to focus on small islands like Thailand. GDP of Thailand was $1.236 trillion in 2017, and the per capita was $17,900. This shows its booming economy. A business can thrive there, however, to translate business into Thai isn’t easy. Thai grammar may be easy, but Thai has 72 letters, which are a hard thing to follow.

One can take the help of translation and localization companies, which can lead the way and guide you through the growth. A business must also target local languages and the SEO in that area. Checking the SEO results from time to time is useful. It will display whether the company is making any progress in the search engine.

Taking the help of locals and experienced friends is a great way to localize a company. They will know better about what works in the South Asian Countries and what doesn’t.

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