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X10DR Digital Vehicular Repeater – Latest and Breakthrough Evolution in Traditional Systems




The newest, latest and most progressive development of traditional digital vehicular repeater systems are Wireless Pacific’s X10DR® long range wireless remote speaker microphones which functions and operates similar to a mobile vehicular repeater. All radio traffic from the linked host radio on the mobile two way radio network is relayed by the X10DR to the handset when they move away from their vehicle. The user allowed to communicate from their vehicle’s two way radio with the X10DR system for pp to 500 meters or more as if still in their vehicle.

Due to the breakthrough evolution of this system, an interview was recently arranged with Martin Cahill, Wireless Pacific’s CEO and the inventor of the X10DR out of the car communication system, recently. Martin Cahill, together with his Australia business partner. David Cox have been closely involved with the two-way radio industry for over 45 years are the original founders of the Australia Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA) that represents and communicates the interests of all radio communications to the Australian government.

An engaging interview shed light on the revolutionary communication system through some of the questions posed in the session. One of the questions posed by the interviewer as a result of surprise  over the specific interest in X10DR was:

“In a time where smartphones seem to be the rave of the moment, what prompted and sustained the interest and investment into two way innovative inventions like X10DR?”

“The major problem of the Mobile two-way radios, since its beginning by the Motorola inventors for about 70 years, was, how do you communicate once you are outside the vehicle?

The industry solutions that have been offered in the past included:

1) Ignoring the shortfall and forcing the employees to take care of the issue themselves

2) Dramatic increase in the financial investment in radio base station infrastructures and facilities along with the purchase of hand-held portable radios.

4) Investing in technically complex, complicated and often impractical, costly DVRS products  or digital vehicular repeater systems as they are more commonly called.

Unfortunately and rather expectedly, most users are left with complex manuals on how to solve these issues personally and in almost all groups of users, real time information communications including the team spirit would be diluted the moment users distance themselves from their vehicles to do the work.” Cahill responded.

He then proceeded to explain some of the solutions X10DR has come to offer in terms of these issues,

“These popular operational issues linked to the usage of DVRS radio repeater systems can be solved by the X10DR’s spread spectrum RF design and innovative frequency hopping. Since its development in 2012, X10DR has grown to become the gold standard for out of vehicle communication solutions. With many tens of thousands of users across the globe, we are honored and happy to say our users are very satisfied with our X10DR communication solutions. This is totally because of its simplicity. It can be used by anyone with no technical manual to guide them because the X10DR answer is so clever that it needs little to no user training to operate. One of its signatures is Powerfully SimpleTM and we think that says it all about our solution. Our users love our devices because they work simply. No complex rules, no technicalities, just simple.”

He further finished by saying X10DR is an out of vehicle extender.

X10DR is available from distributors and professional radio dealers throughout the country and on-line at the X10DR Global Store (www.x10drglobalstore com). Further information can also be found at  such sites as:

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