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World’s Biggest Dolphin Experience Will Open Near Downtown Cancun




Dolphin Experience: Cancun, Mexico near Moon Palace

If you’re someone who loves seafaring mammals, then you might be excited about a new park coming to Cancun, Mexico. Dolphin Discovery, the world’s largest dolphin experience driven company, is building its 24th park in Cancun. The park will contain dolphins, educational classes, and of course the option to swim with the highly intelligent creatures. This announcement comes after the end of the Green Party moratorium on building new parks which contained captive marine mammals. The $10 million park will be built near downtown Cancun, relatively close to the one of the favorite tourist resorts in Mexico ( see: Moon Palace Cancun reviews ). 

New Park Expected to Be Success

According to company CEO Eduardo Albor Villanueva, this dolphin experience is one likely to attract a lot of attention. The company expects over a quarter million annual visitors to this park alone. Considering the relatively high ticket prices, this means the company can expect to generate enormous profits. As is, Dolphin Discovery says that they are anticipating a 6% growth rate this year, and this park could have a lot to do with it. The Carribean side of Mexico has proven itself to be extremely lucrative for the company, as a high number of their customer base hails from there. Its location near downtown Cancun also promises a high number of foot traffic. Additionally, it’s location near the Moon Palace in Cancun (Mexico) makes it easy for anyone coming from far away to find a place to stay. 

The park itself offers everything that you might from somewhere offering a “dolphin experience.” This includes educational classes about marine life, which is sure to mention the dangers of overfishing and by-catching dolphins. The parks also offer an in-depth look at how the environment is currently being affected by humans. This includes a detailed overview of how exactly dolphins are being affected by us as well. Finally, the dolphin experience that everyone is obviously interested in: swimming with the mammals themselves. You can take fun photos of the entire family while wading with these highly intelligent creatures. 

Park Striving For Low Environmental Impact

Dolphin Discovery knows that parks which contain captive marine mammals generally have a low reputation when it comes to the environment. That’s why this company is striving to make a difference in the way parks are perceived. Their environmental impact statement reads: “The project hopes to offer our visitors and the community in general . . . the opportunity to get to know sea mammal species like dolphins, while at the same time promote protection of the environment and marine mammals through interactive programs . . .” While their statement doesn’t explicitly say how their interactive programs will educate anyone about marine life, customers will be able to review exactly what they learned while participating in the programs. 

Located close to the Moon Palace in Cancun (Mexico), this park by Dolphin Discovery should be a lot of fun. As of now, it’s set to open sometime in the next couple of years. Building has only just started, so it’ll be a little bit before it’s completed. When it’s finished, we’ll be sure to let you know. 

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