Why Insurance Sales Should Be at the Top of Everyone’s 2021 Side Hustle List

If there’s one thing that 2020 taught us, it’s that everything we thought was reliable and predictable surely is not. The jobs we thought we would have until we die are no longer sustainable or profitable. People are being fired or let go without warning. And the future is packed with anxieties and uncertainties about how we are going to structure a new society.

Although all of this can be overwhelming, it also creates a vacuum of potential and innovation, shedding light on different income streams we might not have normally thought of for ourselves. We all want to work from home and stay at home with the family today, which is why digital side hustles have become an incredibly hot topic. If you can work at home, make a good living, stay with your family, and do what you want with your free-time, you’d take that option, right?

The Best 2021 Side Hustle

Exactly. But, affiliate marketing and freelancing is already saturated. However, when it comes to insurance sales, that market is anything but saturated – it has plenty of room for individuals looking to make a name for themselves and scale their own independent venture. That’s why insurance sales agency owner and educator, Nato Guajardo, is passionate about showing as many people as possible what they can do if they dive headfirst into the world of insurance sales.

“My arrival to insurance sales wasn’t exactly on purpose, and I definitely didn’t think it had massive lucrative potential,” said Nato. “Starting my career in an educational role, as I learned more about the industry, more people in my life wanted to know what I was learning. The demand for my time became so great that I started a business I could share with other people. Today, I am an educator, trainer, and mentor in the world of insurance sales, and I want people everywhere to know this industry exists for them, too.”

Insurance Sales Mastery

To date, Nato has brought in over $4 million premiums in just a few years, proving that his insurance approach is infallible and bulletproof. He is also the owner and manager of the Guajardo Insurance agency, which he manages with his wife presently while sharing his experience and expertise with students. His agency provides resources, courses, and support to individuals that want to make insurance sales work for themselves. 

Nato also provides content surrounding lead aggregation, conversions, marketing, and automation, aiming to change as many lives as possible across the country today.

“I feel like I am sitting on a goldmine of information that I want people, especially during these hard times, to know about,” said Nato. “If you are considering a side hustle you can work from home while still making a good living, check out the power and potential of insurance sales.”

Nato attributes his fast success to his reception to technology and automation, which acts as an extension of himself in his systems today. He is now showing his students how they can set up a similar system for themselves, right from home.

For those wishing to learn the tricks of the trade with Nato, please visit: https://natoguajardo.com/

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