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Vanessa Julia Florez: The Founder and CEO of the Largest Network of Aesthetic Professionals Worldwide




The demand for cosmetic surgery has been on the rise in recent years, with millions of people getting procedures done each year. However, it can be hard to find the perfect doctor who meets all of one’s needs, especially for something as drastic as a medical procedure. Vanessa Julia Florez noticed this and founded Aesthetic Everything®, the number one source for all information pertaining to the aesthetics industry.

Vanessa graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, then went on to do two preceptorships from Tufts University and Loma Linda University Medical Schools. Since entering the medical industry, Vanessa has spent most of her time focusing primarily on aesthetics, cosmetic surgery, and beauty.

On top of medical work, Vanessa’s background includes over a decade of producing events surrounding Major Awards, such as Super Bowl Gifting Suite, Emmy Awards Gifting Suite, etc. She has also produced and attended charity and celebrity events, where she presented products and services from the aesthetic and beauty industry.

Her experience and education have been a big help in perfecting her company and its one-of-a-kind network of doctors and practices. With over one million subscribers, Aesthetic Everything® hosts the largest network of aesthetic professionals and connects members all around the industry. Their primary focus is to connect customers and patients with easy messaging and contact tools to find a doctor for their needs.

On their website, Aesthetic Everything® has categories for all sorts of cosmetic procedures, with each offering information and contact details for different practices around America. To become a member of their website and have their own profiles, industry professionals can pay $250 USD. This includes the opportunity to promote their procedures, company, news, products, events, and social media.

All of this will reach Aesthetic Everything®’s over a million followers, which includes aesthetic professionals, consumers, beauty editors, writers, bloggers, and popular social media influencers. Clients of the website have also landed themselves on numerous media outlets, such as ABC, CNBC, CNN, ET, FOX, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, and in publications that include Marie Claire, People Magazine, In Style, and Glamour.

Vanessa’s secret to scaling her business boils down to credibility. Over her decades-long career, she has gained an excellent reputation through her work ethic and genuine desire to help others and create a positive environment for every client she works with. Vanessa is passionate about her work and is honored to have the ability to help clients and doctors come together in one place for the easiest access in the industry.

For the future, Vanessa is focusing on expanding her business and planning the annual Aesthetic Everything® Beauty Expo. For more information regarding this, her company can be found at or on Instagram at @AestheticEverything1. To contact Aesthetic Everything®, please email them at

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