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Valyou Furniture Takes a Modern Approach to the Furniture Industry




Millennials are growing out of their homes and getting their own place. Whether it’s a house or apartment, new homeowners have been actively shaping their place into a look of their ideal designs. Valyou Furniture has been partnering with them to bring their dream homes to life.

The idea of Valyou Furniture was born in Hawaii. It started as a dream to bring furniture that was fashionable and affordable to the islands of Hawaii. The furniture company managed to find a way to hack the system, allowing them to save thousands of dollars. The hack expanded further to the mainland US, where they set up a new warehouse and distribution center in Las Vegas. There, people can look for beautiful, high-quality furniture without having to pay hefty prices.

Valyou Furniture has reshaped the way people buy furniture. The store is made and run by millennials, making the new age brand one of the fastest-growing brands. It has stood out as a contender to furniture giants Ikea and Wayfair.

The store doesn’t just sell their products; they also connect with their buyers, making references to relatable memes and pop culture references. Valyou Furniture offers a social shopping experience by having unorthodox giveaways. One of which includes a Fugly Furniture Contest, where followers submit their ugliest furniture in hopes of getting it replaced with new contemporary pieces.

Valyou Furniture is also very active on social media pages like Instagram and Facebook. The team behind them soar through social media such as Snapchat and TikTok to keep up with their social audience. One way of connecting includes a major name in skateboarding, Jason Parks, doing a jump over a best-selling product during a grand opening event.

With the world going into a digital direction, many stores have taken to opening online shops, and Valyou Furniture is one. Rather than just setting up an inventory for their viewing, they offer an option of facetime with a friendly sales agent to give them a virtual tour so they can shop in their pajamas without missing a beat.

The furniture market is constantly evolving, and the team behind Valyou Furniture is fully aware of it. Their approach doesn’t focus primarily on product marketing, instead shifting their focus on connecting with their audience. They want to make sure that their audience is seen as people and not just customers. When interacting, they take out intimidation by filling their emails and conversations with gifs and emojis.

Valyou Furniture knows that most shoppers settle down with a cheap big box retail store where the furniture comes with an instruction manual for assembling. The delivery fee often comes at a hefty price, and the growing price tag of fuel, the problem is only getting worse. Valyou Furniture addresses these problems and makes their products and prices accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget.

Their mission is to become a household name in the furniture industry. Valyou Furniture plans on providing the same excellent services to other states such as California and Nevada.

To find out more about Valyou Furniture, you may visit their website.

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