Uzma Naqvi, A Holistic Transformational Coach, Talks About 5 Ways To Start Healing Journey

When we talk about healing, we’ve often stumbled upon different meanings. But despite knowing the distinct meanings, we do not know what it means until we’ve experienced and felt it. 

In her book, Uzma Naqvi, Qualified Holistic Transformational Life Coach, talks about smashing the conventions, moving away from abusive marriages, and falling and failing terribly to finally take a free flight to leave a legacy on earth. According to her, “It was a phase that enabled me to experience the beautiful life beyond sacrifices. Until then, I only knew the meaning of healing.” 

Uzma has been a strong voice for women and found her strength after troubled marriages, abusive relationships, racial abuse and brutal experiences in life.

Her many trips to painful memory lanes were the experiences that evoked her new choices. She believes healing starts from finding a safe space to explore thoughts and feelings, resolving conflicts within oneself, delving into a judgment-free zone and promising to stay resilient.

You are the creator of your catastrophe & artist of your happiness

After stumbling upon one of the famous quotes, Uzma realized “The remedy is within you.” After losing it all and finally finding her calling, she owes it all to her resilience, self-commitment and passion that drove her through the hardships of life. “Whether it’s mental health, relationship issues or abuse, we need to take action to heal ourselves first before we can help others”, says Uzma. She further encourages you to create a clear plan and a backup plan to achieve your end goal. This plan should also include your support network. Amidst the process, disregard the taught conventions that “you don’t need anyone.” Your support group are your biggest cheerleaders, cherish them at every step of life.  

Having compassion, gratitude and kindness in the heart is the key to success

“I know it’s easier said than done, especially when life challenges you now and then, but if we understood that we were designed to fail and learn, we’d all work on a different intensity.” People operate at every level out of fear and things that conquer fear are compassion, gratitude, kindness and understanding. One thing that she truly embraces in her coaching is the act of “giving without expecting”, “being welcoming to adversities” and “embracing everything with gratitude.”

Take what’s yours

As women, we all juggle the demands of our daily lives while forgetting about our own happiness. We tend to underestimate the importance of self-growth. She says, “The moment you are playing a role, you are under pressure. Don’t buy into the new message that women don’t need anyone or anything.” Not settling with a few things and giving permission to new possibilities in life means you are conscious enough to understand what is right for you and what does not need your attention. Through her coaching, she aims to inspire every woman to channelize their actions in a way that they can take back control of their life and live meaningfully. 

Stop exhausting yourself

“Choose a life that’s built for you and made for you. You are the center of everything else in your life. If the center is imbalanced then all else will inevitably fall”, says Uzma. After you have chosen to work on yourself, start working for yourself too. The confidence and belief come from knowing who you are, and what defines you. Make a vision, back it up with a powerful execution and empower yourself through this process. According to her, successful life is a thread of aligning core values, embracing the right choices meant for you and leaving out the exhaustion of pleasing everyone. Things like happiness and healing can not be found in perceptions of others about us, but only in what we deeply believe is the best for us. In a world where women are socialized to “take care” of others, Uzma works on empowering women by healing the core, making them incredibly aware of themselves, their needs, wants and desires, and creating a strong vision and a pathway to follow that in a step by step and a coherent way. “Without a plan on how to powerfully move forward in life, you only leave room for others to plan on your behalf, and that is a fine recipe for misery,” she says. 

Sit, breathe & write

An author in-making, Uzma says, “I found solace in words.” According to her, ordinary people distract themselves by seeking entertainment and avoiding thoughts, but extraordinary minds figure out their “whys.” Writing down all the major and minor things allows the mind to expand enough to understand where your focus is as opposed to where it should be. While she truly believes in pouring energy and focus into words, it has also proven to be one of her strongest approaches that enabled her clients to experience results. 

Transitioning from early challenges to finally helping women in need of clarity, direction and a purpose in life, Uzma aims to navigate every individual towards their true potential and purpose-driven life. She believes what truly defines a person is “whether they become a better version of themselves every day and the only comparison they have is the version of themselves from yesterday.”

While she strives to pass on her experiences and healing to every woman out there, her ultimate aim is to address the human difficulties deeply, increase the human consciousness and delve deep into a process that creates a completely new human being. Her roadmap to connect with oneself through the articulation of tangled subjects has shown its own uniqueness, which makes her one-of-a-kind coach. 

She says, “I make sure every client of mine wakes up. Even if they choose to procrastinate, they do it consciously, there is no room for sleepwalking. Our time here is limited and our legacies are built with every action we take. Without consciousness, there is nothing. We have got to learn to understand the difficulties are there to expand our growth and take us closer to our purpose.”

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