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US pastor left on leave after comments on Melania Trump




In Missouri, a Baptist preacher went on a leave after a backlash over comments he made about women’s appearance.

Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark formed scorn for a speech offering advice to wives he said would stop their husbands from becoming “distracted” by other women. The sermon included comments about Melania Trump, whom he described as “the epic trophy wife of all time”.

The pastor’s General Baptist church has admonished him for his comments.

The 22-minute video of his February sermon was shared on Facebook and has been viewed thousands of times.

In his video, he was seen using a well-known online meme of a distracted boyfriend to tell women not to give their husband a reason to be looking around.

He tells churchgoers that men must have a beautiful woman on their arm. While asking the crowd, why was it that so many times, women, after they get married, let themselves go?

Furthermore, I’m not saying that every woman can be the grand trophy wife of all time like Melania Trump; I’m not saying that he says, with the former First Lady’s image on the screen behind him. 

Most women cannot be a trophy wife, but you know, maybe you’re just a participation trophy.

Further criticises from the pastor.

Pastor Clark criticises women for wearing casual clothes like jogger bottoms and pyjamas before veering to weight control and referring to one woman as a sumo wrestler.

The pastor’s marital advice then turns to the make-up, hairstyles, fashion tips and sexual intimacy.

General Baptists believe that every woman is created in God’s image and should be valued. For this reason, they said in a statement.

They said he had resigned as a moderator for a meeting scheduled in July 2022. But clarified that they had no control over his employment. 


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