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Unparalleled Research: Stock Sharks, the Canadian Company changing Retail Investing




The industry related to the stock market is inherently nefarious. With the rise of social media platforms, any individual can wear the mask of a “professional,” without proper credentials. In fact, thousands of fake investors exist on these platforms that promise high returns. In reality the numbers and statements released by these individuals are nothing short of ludacris. As a result, the two Canadians who founded Stock Sharks, felt imbued to provide reliable information to retail investors, so they too can succeed. 

Novice traders often live in a fantasy buoyed by hope. These traders flock to opening brokerage accounts with the assumption that they will amass wealth instantly or become the next Warren Buffett. Most of these novice traders lose hundreds if not thousands trading because of their lack of education. Unfortunately, this narrative remains ubiquitous and serves as an example to the importance of financial education and why informed educated investing is paramount to becoming a profitable investor. This is ultimately where Stock Sharks saw an opportunity to provide value.

Without feelings of ambivalence, Sheraz Ali set forth to create Stock Sharks. A Software as a Service (SaaS) company that specializes in educational technology within finance. Not only did Sheraz realize that there was a lack of reliable financial information for novice investors. He further became aware of the decision making of top-tier financial advisors which featured little objective research. This meant these advisors failed to provide effective information based on an individual’s investment profile; falling short in accounting for an individual’s risk management or trading strategy… Finding a like-minded partner in the form of experienced trader JR Alexander, Alexander and Sheraz decided to establish the company in order to build and guide a community of investors and enterprise level clients. The Stock Sharks team leads these individuals through management of the community and through coaching and training, research and analysis, and development of proprietary financial technologies.

These services have ensured Stock Sharks’ rapid growth and development. Since its establishment three years prior, the company now has a private valuation of four million dollars and an established presence in Canada, the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The company continues to grow with a rate of 65% annually and has experienced a recent doubling of membership, due in no small part to changes brought about by the pandemic, as well as a spike in the company’s popularity stemming from the recent surge, which the company predicted two years ago.

At the moment, Stock Sharks offers its ‘Premium’ and ‘Synergy’ services for business-involved individuals and larger groups, like hedge funds and private enterprises. These subscription-based services include the company’s entire package of amenities, including access to the community, software, education, and more. Conversely, for ‘Synergy’ clients  there is customized research and analysis conducted by the team of Stock Sharks experts. For the future, the company aims to release an AI-based EdTech software that it is currently developing. Though Stock Sharks is keeping the exact details unannounced for now; the company believes that the software will become key to the financial industry and other industries that can adapt its use.

The Stock Shark community harbors a sentiment that feels like family. All members are welcomed regardless of skill level and are encouraged to speak up whenever they have questions.  To stay up-to-date with Stock Sharks follow their Instagram, website and facebook for news, expert knowledge, and updates.

Media Details:

Contact Name: Sheraz Ali

Instagram: @stocksharks

Residence: Canada

Company Name: Stock Sharks



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