Typhoon Leaves People Dead, Missing, and Homeless in China

As the 9th Typhoon Lekima hits China, at least 13 were found dead & a million people were evacuated from their homes. It has caused extensive damage and destroyed transport completely.

According to the state broadcaster China Central Television, 16 people were reported missing while over 200 buildings were destroyed and another 3,200 damaged. 

The storm came early morning in Wenling, a city in China’s Zhejiang province with winds of 187 km per hour. It was expected to go towards Shangai. The typhoon bought torrential rains & heavy winds with it. There is no electricity & thousands of trees are destroyed. 4000 flights have been cancelled and metro lines have been suspended. Taiwan’s airlines has cancelled around 520 international flights.

China has declared a red alert as more heavy rain forecasts in and near Shanghai province have been predicted. They downgraded the alert as the winds eased. This is the most severe alert in the country’s 4 colour emergency system. For the first time, Shanghai’s Disneyland complex was closed due to bad weather.

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