Bikini Baristas slam Everett’s Decision to Cover them up

The city of Everett has more important things to deal with than naked women serving coffees. This is what the Bikini Baristas think. They made their point when they slammed the decision of court to cover them up.

Showcase Coffee is in a legal battle with the city on how much should their baristas cover up. There is a law set by the court on the limit of skin to be shown by the baristas. But Showcase Coffee did not go down without a fight. It slammed the decision of a U.S Circuit Court of Appeals, overturning a lower court judge’s decision to block Everette from imposing a dress code for businesses.

The sign in the Showcase Coffee said- “Everett is more worried about bikinis than drugs and our homeless crisis.” Alysha Rathe, a bikini barista said that- “They are trying to make a broad point out of it because there is a lot more going on in the city of Everett.” Rathe also claimed that the ruling is also “partially violating our rights.”

Bikini Baristas are against the decision of imposing dress codes in businesses. This rule forces them to wear at least a tank top down to the midriff and shorts that extend to at least the fingertips.

But the unhappy baristas are unsure how to react at the townspeople who seem comfortable with the decision. The city of Everett says- “The city adopted these ordinances to address criminal and other harmful conduct that has occurred at bikini barista stands over many years.”

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