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Troy Ericson Reveals How He Made $300,000 in His First Year Writing Emails




Growing up, Troy Ericson hated writing.

But in late 2019, he had a feeling that it could make him serious money. 

At the time, he was running Facebook Ads for clients. Despite his skill, he found that most clients were having problems monetizing the leads he got for them. 

All because their emails were underperforming. So Troy started fixing spam issues, strategizing with business owners, and writing some emails for them. 

Many of his clients make $50,000 or more each monthall from email. Which is why, in 2020, he personally made $300,000 from his email writing business. 

And below, Troy Ericson shares some insight with us about how he did it: 

“When I first switched to writing emails, I contacted every business connection I had and asked if they were using email. If they said yes, I offered to look inside their account for them and let them know what I saw. 

What I learned is… Most people don’t clean disengaged subscribers from their list, which hurts open rates and causes spam issues. They also don’t know how to avoid the Gmail Promo Tab. And they certainly don’t send enough emailsor the right type. 

You’ve got to send emails that tell real stories from real peoplebecause the people reading the emails are real, too. They can tell if a story seems fake or misses the point. And don’t use too many stats, either. People operate off of emotion, and THEN justify with logic. You can also talk about current events or really anything that’s curious. 

Once you’ve got all that down, just offer to write that business/person’s emails and manage their list. If you use the types of emails I mentioned, and you send more emails, it’s hard to go wrong. You can also add more emails with things like abandoned cart automations, welcome series, etc. 

I’d start off charging around $2-3k/mo if you’re new. But make sure that you know what they’re currently making so you know what they can afford, and then make them so much money that it’s a no-brainer to keep paying you every month. 

Plus, you can ask for referrals, and even post valuable things you know in Facebook Groups and people will start to recognize and respect you…leading to more clients.” 

Troy Ericson can be contacted at or

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