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Top 10 Online Professional Courses on Sale




The advent of the internet has really eased out life for many. Students in particular have all the reasons to rejoice because they can now gain access to all realms of learning at the click of a mouse. Education made simple, fun and convenient – wrapped in a package. Of course, the package doesn’t come free, but the good news is that it’s now on sale. 

Yes, there are some really interesting professional courses for software science students that can be purchased at unbelievably low prices. Plus, these courses come with a lifetime access key as well, meaning that you can buy them now and continue studying from them for longer (anytime you wish). It couldn’t get better than this now, could it? 

Top 10 Online Software Courses to Buy on Sale

1. The Salesforce Certification Essentials Bundle – This one’s a must-buy for any software professional, for Salesforce is the new leader in the market with regard to customer and client management software. Its CRM tool has already left great imprints on several brands, facilitating effective management of clients in a jiffy. It’s only natural that one of the best ways forward is to acquaint yourself with the working of this tool via thorough Salesforce Certification courses.

Most of these courses can be found on a number of online portals, noteworthy among which is CRS Info Solutions. The site provides a host of options to course-takers, a few examples of which include certificates in Salesforce administration and Salesforce development for IT administrators and developers, respectively. The course duration is 46 hours wherein you’d learn all the basic and advanced features of Salesforce platform, while also readying yourself for certification tests.

Course sale price: $39.99 only


2. The Complete 2020 Adobe CC Certification Bundle – Another top leader in the world of creative software, Adobe CC is the second-most popular course choice after Salesforce. Designing aspirants would love to know all about Adope Photoshop, Lightroom, XD and InDesign and learn the nitty-gritties of their functions. A detailed understanding of the software can come in handy to create your own website as well as print ads, photographs and graphic designs. The course package comprises 500 lessons in total.


Course sale price: $38.97 only

3. The Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle – This one’s a favourite among project managers because the software helps minimise the possibility of error in the entire lifecycle of any project. Six Sigma comprises a set of procedures driven by data aimed at streamlining processes in an organisation. It also intends to reduce wastage and provide quick and effective solutions to problems. The course package comprises a set of 15 courses that offer learning in Six Sigma, lean and ever leaner management.

Course sale price: $31.00 only

4. The Data Science for Business Mastery Bundle – If you’re keen on pursuing a career as data scientist, then this course is absolutely vital for you. And the best part is where people generally take years to understand the inside out of data science analysis, you can attempt to master its fine nuances by taking this 663-lesson course package.

Course sale price: %29.00 only

5. The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle – Microsoft Excel still rules but sadly only mastering the basics doesn’t do the job anymore. Competition is tough and if you can prove your skills in creating PivotTables, visuals with instant appeal and facilitate task automation in a few clicks, then you’re noticed. This is why you should take this intensive 400-lesson course package in Excel – all interactive lessons to make learning informative and fun. 

Course sale price: $34.00 only

6. The Ultimate Productivity Bundle – Where competition is tough, productivity matters. The key lies in working smarter and to show results in terms of productivity within a short span. This is where this bundle of learning can come to your rescue. It’d train you to master the skill of time management and give a boost to your productivity. Learn all the tips and tricks of becoming a smart (and not always hard) worker.

Course sale price: $36.00 only

7. The Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle – Python is the no. 1 leader when it comes to coding software. Now you too can achieve your dream of becoming a renowned developer in the field by taking this software course online. Experts in the field deliver this course in 85 hours of interactive instruction. The course is focused on data mining, programming and Machine Learning (ML). 

Course sale price: $26.24 only

8. The Complete Computer Science Master Class Bundle – As the name suggests, this course bundle has been designed to teach you the A-Z of complete computer science programming. This is why you’d be propelled to move beyond just Python and get a peek into other top programming languages and Salesforce training as well. You can also learn building apps on Amazon Alexa devices and prep yourself for coding interviews.

Course sale price: $39.00 only

9. The A-to-Z Cybersecurity & IT Certification Training Bundle – A know-how of internet security threats always comes in handy, even if you aren’t too keen on entering the cyber security arena. Just the fact that you’re on the internet keeps you in a vulnerable place most of the time. This 11-hour course package would help fight the key problem areas that threaten security of the IT world.

Course sale price: $39.00 only

10. The Silicon Valley Digital Marketer Bundle – Digital Marketing is trending everywhere so this list would be incomplete without mentioning the course bundle that takes care of this vital area too. This course package would let you take a dip into the various key social media platforms of the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, teaching you how to go about posting the right message at the right time, the right way. There’s also an opportunity to learn growth hacking, and A/B testing. 

Course sale price: $35.00 only


At such nominal prices, these online courses are worth a grab! Get your hands on one today until offer lasts.

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