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Throughout the past few years Derek has created a unique position for himself in the area of men’s health and self-improvement




His passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle was the catalyst that led to “More Plates More Dates”.

Derek and his website are essentially an encyclopedia of knowledge with information related to self-improvement. 

A healthy lifestyle is paramount to longevity.

Lifestyle, nutrition, biohacking and sports performance are just some of the topics you’ll find on More Plates More Dates.

Derek is clearly passionate about everything he talks about, and that shows in his content that is presented in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Today Derek has become a great resource for men for his consistent deep-dives into various self-improvement related topics.

Despite there being thousands of gurus in the self-help space, Derek still manages to be distinctive from others as he intertwines his passion for biology and pharmacology into his content and presents scientific data that is backed by clinical literature.

In 2016 after several years of self-improvement and building a knowledge base, Derek launched his brand via the platform More Plates More Dates.

He has mentioned several times that it is more or less a broad-spectrum self-improvement platform for men.

Derek expanded to other social media platforms which grew his following, brand and he soon realized the need and want for information in the form of videos. 

By late-2019 he has committed to posting regularly and YouTube.

While a lot of his videos revolve around bodybuilding and hormones, he also has some incredible insight on diet, health, hair loss prevention, dating, lifestyle and supplementation.

Derek’s journey started off with self-experimentation, thousands of hours of research, and writing for other companies while he built his own brand up.

A couple years after his first post, Derek launched the supplement company ‘Gorilla Mind’.

The brand is expanding its catalog quickly, and it is most well-known for its Nootropic and pre-workout formulations.

His passion for endocrinology and hormone optimization also brought him into the healthcare space in 2020.

Derek currently has over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube and is worth checking out if you have any interest in hormone optimization or health.

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