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Theo’s Business Is Challenging The Old Approach




Theo Shahbazian’s idea is changing the norms of outsourcing in the US.

From time to time, the inventive minds of a generation have found their way to break the old-school patterns and set a new way of doing something. Theo Shahbazian is one such mind who came up with the idea to minimize the drawbacks of outsourcing work from the US to other economies. Started with the vision to gain profits, back in the 1990s, outsourcing has proved to be destructive for the US economy in the longer run. Reflecting upon this, Theo founded CT Software Solutions to provide affordable in-house app development services to US businesses.

Theo has been working in the software industry for over 8 years. Throughout this long duration, he has seen the defects and communication concerns that come with outsourcing companies. This led to the formation of CTSS, his brainchild. CTSS works on the approach to reduce the charge for discovery sessions, plannings, brainstorming, communication, team meetings, and all meeting hours that outsourced firms charge their clients. This is an efficient way for a US-based software development company to get the best quality services at a cheap price. This way US-based businesses could afford to stick with a US-based software company. Rather than outsourcing, US-based businesses could build their platform, in-house, with top-level quality.

Theo wanted to dominate the market by offering in-house app development services at the same price as outsourcing companies. This was to eliminate any language barrier and quality issues that arise very often when outsourcing happens. To achieve his goal, Theo contacted his former colleagues who were software engineers at Fortune 500 companies. Theo hunted for like-minded people who shared a common vision of generating value rather than just money. His search ended, a year ago, when he was able to unite a few of them who resonated with his idea and joined him in his journey. This is how CTSS started.

Theo believes in bringing value. He wants to earn the trust of US-based businesses and entrepreneurs. He believes that when there is trust, monetary opportunities follow. He has a growth-oriented mindset which constantly thinks of making progress. He asks people to stop dreaming, rather, bring changes to their mindset. His mantra is to become a master of one rather than being a jack of all. He preaches to do one thing at a time and excel in it. One thing that he loves about his business is that he plays a vital role in the foundation of other businesses by providing them with valuable services. The biggest joy in his life is to see the businesses grow.

Even though CTSS has already worked with NASA, The Voice, Apple, etc., the biggest goal of Theo is to make the US entrepreneurs and businesses trust CTSS for their software development needs. With the three pillars of his CTSS – Quality, Price, and Speed, Theo continues to provide excellent services to the US market so that outsourcing is minimized.

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