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The World Needs More Artists and Humanitarians like American Photographer Director Jeff Colhoun




Multi faceted director Jeff Colhoun who is also a photographer and author is being currently celebrated and recognized in San Francisco, CA, for his international work contribution, and charity advocacy. He will soon be featuring his documentary work, short film at both US and International Film Festivals. His books have found interest in various national publications and he is spreading ways to work for humanity and the world in general via various upcoming social media projects.

Colhoun as an artist, photographer, and cinematographer, has always been dedicated to meaningful work and raising awareness for humanitarian causes. He has been actively involved in collaborating with non profit organizations setting a prime example for artists in the world in regards to how one’s platform can be used for social good. You can visit his Instagram profile as well to know more about him and his work.

He is a perfect example of a celebrity with a conscience giving back to the society what it has given him. One can see how he has harnessed social media to magnify positive social impact online and in the real world. Now he is actively mentoring and cultivating a stewardship with artistic youth communities, through scholarships, and programs.

People have now started recognizing Jeff Colhoun‘s efforts and diligence to raise awareness on behalf of humanitarian non-profit organizations. His other meaningful projects have also been monumental in both developmental and supplementary aid for charities helping so many people in need around the globe.

The artist has had the pleasure, privilege and responsibility of working on dynamic international humanitarian projects including regions like Mongolia, Ethiopia, Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the USA among others.

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