The Wedding is Done Like This, Your Friends are Only Envious

Recently a couple of ins got angry, and the photos of their travels attracted many people to stop as soon as they were released.

Whether on the beach, the beach, or the roof, the couple are indulging in enjoyment. So the question is, who took these beautiful photos? That’s right, it’s the tripod and timer remote control.

Looking at this happy little couple, Sister Ge couldn’t help but get an idea, why can’t we make our wedding a travel wedding? More and more people are discouraged because of the cumbersome steps of marriage, and some even quit their jobs and focus on the wedding preparation. It also takes time and money, so why don’t we come to a travel wedding that says go and go, without the help of outsiders, two people can record the sweetest moments, and they are only memories of two of you.


Different sweet memories

The most beautiful thing in a wedding trip must be a photo that leaves a memory. No matter how many years later, the memories will be laughed, so how to take a high-profile photo must learn to pick a few scenes and set A pose, let Sister Ge teach you.

A good day begins with breakfast, and the giraffe ca n’t wait to smell the aroma of coffee.

Beat the waves on the endless lake and enjoy each other’s morning.

Rent a car to run on a country road, and do n’t care if the scenery along the way is what you imagined.

Go for a dive, imagine the scene when he first taught you. In the crystal clear water you can throw away all your worries, even annoying work.

Enter the only cafe in the town and exchange stories with the owner.

Back in the small bathtub of the residence, Put on sexy nighties the two spent a passionate moment together.

After taking a bath, you can sit on the sofa in the yard and talk about your recent thoughts, maybe you will have some new ideas.

Watching fireflies together in the evening wearing glitter shoes.

In the evening, go with him to see the sunset that you haven’t seen for a long time. Bring a small blanket and lean on his wide shoulder. After this trip, this shoulder belongs to you.

I woke up the next morning and found that he was secretly looking at you, maybe he took a few ugly photos, and he was caught by a handle, and he could n’t even laugh with his mouth closed.

There is no place to go, so it is also a good choice to spend time in the hotel pool. Enjoy the food and let him give you a massage by the way.

On the way to travel, I will inadvertently know a few more interesting “friends”, who may be David, George or Daisy, looking at you cutely, my heart will be changed.

Some people say that the meaning of marriage lies in being together. Sister Ge wants to say that it is more suitable to see if this person who spends a lifetime with you is really suitable for traveling. Knowing life and caring are the best ways to stay together for a lifetime; if you are always arguing or often out of sync, you should choose carefully.


Indispensable dress

For a wedding that is only once in a lifetime, you can avoid the noisy banquet, but you must not wear a wedding dress! Because this is the dream of all girls, don’t let it down. Mother of the  bride dress is also essential

Tube top wedding dress

 The tube top wedding dress is a style that most girls like. It reveals the beautiful lines of the upper body. If you have a perfect collarbone, don’t be stingy. The beautiful things should be shared with everyone.

If you have a proud career line, then choose the slightly topless tube top style is more suitable, but can also cover the shortcomings of the arm is not slender to a certain extent.

Halter wedding dress

 Although the tube top is beautiful, it can’t always bring you a sense of security, so suspenders or halter style dresses are the first choice for poor breasted girls. The slender neck is exposed to attract more attention.

Lace jacquard halter wedding dresses add a sense of luxury. Sometimes we always want to wear those wedding dresses with complex designs and strong senses. In fact, the simpler the model, the more noble it is. Believe that your temperament does not need complicated styles at all.

Fishtail skirt wedding dress

The fishtail skirt style is undoubtedly the style that most tests the figure. As long as the hips are beautiful, you must choose a fishtail skirt wedding dress to bloom your beauty. But wearing this wedding dress must walk like a small family jasper. Friendly reminder: The steps are a little bigger, but you will look out for you in minutes.

Usually a fishtail skirt style wedding dress will also expose your back, so clean your back before taking a wedding photo. You ca n’t be lazy if you want to be the focus of the audience!

Long support wedding dress

The long-breasted wedding dress satisfies the sense of ceremonies that the girl wants to the greatest extent. Every little princess is eager for someone to pull up the corner of her skirt and walk with her through the groom. Go ahead and fulfill your dreams.

Rao is a slightly fat upper body girl who can choose a long tail style, the length of the skirt can also lengthen the lines of your body, and the arm is not afraid of being thick at all.

Beautiful wedding shoes are also essential

The girl does not care how expensive the wedding dress is, but whether the other party is willing to accompany her to complete each of her choices. The most precious thing in the world is not something that you can touch with your hands, but a memory that will not be forgotten in your memory. It is untouchable, but it is very real.


Domestic wedding resort

If you decide to marry your loved one, then the place you choose to travel must be beautiful enough so that you can take pictures of those beautiful scenes and envy others. There are so many romantic, fairy-tale, gentle, and affectionate cities in the world, and it is enough to go home without going that far.


Lijiang is a multi-ethnic cultural gathering place. The most characteristic scenic spots such as Sifang Street, Mufu Building, Wufeng Building, and Lijiang Old Town Waterwheel have made visitors forget about it, and local folk customs have become a beautiful scenery.

The beauty of Lijiang is not singular. There are magnificent snow mountains, which can bring an endless expanse of vastness.

Hanging a lover lock on the bridge, which means lifelong companionship, these shortcomings and outsider’s little things, but it is your commitment to each other.


After seeing the beautiful Lijiang, look at Sanya’s enthusiasm. Sanya has a thick tropical seaside scenery. The most famous one is probably Tianya Haijiao. How many people go there admirably, and taking wedding photos at Tianya or Haijiao has become a very meaningful thing.

Have you ever thought about going underwater to do this courageous thing with her? She took her hand with her eyes closed underwater, and never let go again.

Sanya Beauty is like a painting, feel the sea hard, you can’t have it, but you can take away the memory about it.


If going to Lhasa has been your dream for a long time, wouldn’t it make you jump for excitement when you travel and marry with your beloved. Maybe you have thoughts for a long time, but you have n’t made a decision. You have to do what you like, not too late.

Be a devout believer, fully integrated into the temperature of Lhasa, and feel the divine atmosphere.

Be sure to go to the Potala Palace once and take a closer look at its bricks and tiles. From then on you will love life more because you have learned to feel it carefully.


All cities near the sea have a unique beauty, whether the sea of ​​each city has the same taste. I think if you haven’t been there, you don’t know.

Someone once said that because a person falls in love with a city, but often falls in love with a city because the charm of that city faintly attracts you.

Feel the night view of Qingdao by boat at night. It seems to be closer to it under the red light, blowing the sea breeze and leaning in his arms. This is probably the most comfortable wind I have ever experienced.


Gulangyu is always full of rustic appeal and fascinating. The street scene on the island is full of vitality. Although it is a separate store, it is a harmonious scene.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a boyfriend or a tripod that takes pictures for you, as long as you know that you are beautiful in the lens, every store can become the background in your photos.

Later in the evening in the tavern, he had a drink with him and talked about the trivial day. I think the best feeling is probably nothing more than this.

Leaf dividing line

Travel marriage has gradually become the favorite way of marriage in young people’s hearts, saving a lot of cumbersome things and avoiding unnecessary quarrels. The way of traveling can enhance each other’s feelings, and you don’t need to pay attention to other people’s eyes, because only one wedding in one’s life, you must live the way you like!

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