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Being a dad means a shopping spree is coming their way. For Korean dads, this means a shopping spree not just for your necessary baby supplies like a crib, diapers, and baby food, but also for two commonly held Korean traditions for Korean babies – a 100 day celebration and a First Korean Birthday Party.

A shopping spree is coming their way because these two celebrations are prioritized by many Koreans, even non-native Koreans for what they represent.

What is a 100 Day Celebration?

A 100 day celebration is also referred to as baek-il and, in Korean culture, is an important time because most babies in the past didn’t survive up to this day. Additionally, due to Korean superstition and to build the immunity of babies, most babies were sheltered indoors until their 100th day. The 100th day meant publicizing their newborn to their friends and relatives.

So the 100 day celebration was a big celebration for Koreans. It meant that the baby was old enough to finally greet his/her extended family members, and in exchange, guests provided monetary gifts like cash or gold and provide blessings of wisdom, lasting health, and happiness to the baby.

Because 100 day celebrations are traditional, specific wardrobes are worn and specific decorations are set up. Hanboks are worn by everyone in the family in the olden days and still to this day. Decorations like a white yarn are set up to represent long life. Joteta is an authentic Korean Online Shop that provides Hanbok in 100 day sizes specifically for this tradition, something for Korean dads to jot down because finding high quality, aesthetic, and 100 day size Hanboks made in Korea is difficult to find if one is not in Korea.

What is a First Korean Birthday Party?

In addition to a 100 day party, a first korean birthday party which is also referred as Doljanchi or a Dol Party is also immensely popular in Korean culture. The reason for this is similar to a 100 day party, most babies in the olden days did not make it to this age. Therefore, Koreans would hold a big celebration if the baby did survive.

Doljabi which is a unique fortune telling tradition that’s held within a first korean birthday party primarily distinguishes Doljanchi from Baek-il. In Doljabi, babies have to pick up 1-3 items amongst a selection of 8 items for the parents to predict the baby’s future. Additionally, each item holds a blessing for the child, and Koreans in the olden days truly believed that specific items would bring forth blessings.

A first korean birthday party also requires a lot of traditional, unique items like a Baby Dol Hanbok. In addition, there’s a multitude of Doljanchi items that are used in this party – Dol tables, Dol Banners, Doljabi items, and Dol towers. Each of these items are important for a Doljanchi and could be argued as absolutely necessary for these parties.

Korean dads may likely throw a Doljanchi or Baek-il for their baby when their baby turns 100 days or one. Items mentioned above are abundantly found in Korea however are rare to find in western countries. Sure, there may be a few knock offs but quality traditional Doljabi items and Baek-il items are a diamond. Therefore, a store like Joteta is a lucky find because it provides a wide selection of items for Doljabi and is conveniently a one-stop-shop for Doljanchi.

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