The Hyper Focused Intensity of Dylan Ogline

The world is distracting. There’s always something drawing our attention away from what’s most important.

Digital agencies are the embodiment of distraction. They have everything from web design to paid advertising to print media. Every digital agency seems to offer everything under the sun, trying to capture business.

Dylan Ogline and his company, Ogline Digital, only do one thing: paid advertising. They don’t do websites or social media or email marketing. They do only paid advertising.

“There’s that old phrase, ‘Jack-of-all-trades, master of none,’” said Ogline. “In the marketing world, everyone is a jack-of-all-trades. They can’t stand the idea that a client goes to someone else for their website or social media. The problem is that they don’t really master anything. They aren’t truly experts in anything if they’re trying to do everything.”

“All those agencies will tell you they can make a better website than anyone else. They can do your social media better. They’re able to deliver email marketing better. That’s simply not possible,” he said, chuckling.

“It’s all about focus,” Ogline said. “We focus on one thing. We know it inside and out. We know it better than anyone else. Imagine you’ve decided to be the master of repairing engines for Bentleys. Only Bentleys. Every Bentley owner within 1,000 miles will come to your door and no one else’s, because they know you know what you’re doing.

“That might seem like too small of a niche, but it’s not. You don’t need millions of customers. You need a few hundred truly loyal ones who can guarantee consistent income.”

Today, Ogline Digital is a seven-figure business doing one thing better than anyone else – paid advertising, more specifically direct response Facebook and Google ads. They consistently get better results for their clients than anyone else because they understand the tools better than any of the thousands of agencies offering paid digital advertising plus countless other services..

Laid-back Intensity

Ogline has that laid-back intensity you find in people who really know what they’re doing. He runs a multi-million dollar digital marketing agency, but his arms are covered in tattoos. He operates in a constant state of digital hyperspace, but loves to travel and see the natural world.

Like his business philosophy, that the hyper-niche is the place to provide your clients the best focus, he seems a walking enigma.

That same laid-back intensity makes Ogline Digital so successful. They know what they’re doing and how to do it well. That makes them unshakeable. And it’s their clients who benefit most.

The entire team at Ogline Digital is focused on driving results for their clients. They pore over metrics and data, looking for even the smallest area where improvement can be made to deliver even better results.

Just the Cash, Ma’am

One feature of Dylan and Ogline Digital is there is no BS. They have a single function – to make their clients’ money. Everything else is extraneous.

“We’re not here to massage egos or make excuses for ourselves or the universe,” Ogline said, not missing a beat in a conversation that ranged all over. “If we’re not making our clients money, we’re not doing our job. No one wants a master chef who spends his time blaming the delivery guy or his sous-chef that the beef bourguignon isn’t perfect. It’s his job to make it perfect.

“It’s our job to make our clients’ paid advertising delivery. Google changes the algorithm, we adjust. There’s a snowstorm in Topeka, we adjust. The power goes out in your offices, we adjust. We don’t explain it or excuse it to the client; we adjust and get back to delivering results.”

Intensity, hyper-focus, is what makes Ogline Digital successful. They do just one thing and do it better than anyone else. Ogline himself doesn’t apologize when someone asks for a great website or for social media posts. “We don’t do that, but there are lots of great people who do. 

“Be better at one thing than anyone else, and people will pay you to do that one thing,” he said. That’s the key to his success and what makes Ogline Digital one of the highest performing digital marketing agencies in the world. 

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