The 10 Best DNA Services in 2019

These days, it is easier than ever to get access to DNA testing services. Unlike in the days of old when you would have to book an appointment at a laboratory and have your testing done there, you can have a kit delivered to your home, take your own DNA samples, and have your results sent back to you or uploaded to an online profile. 

If you’re looking to get started on these, you’ll probably notice that there are many offerings within the market. If you’re buying based on quality, here are some of the best DNA services available.

1. DNA at Home: 

One of the most common reasons that people seek out DNA testing is to establish a genetic familial relationship. This could be someone trying to confirm the paternity of a child or children, establish sibling relationships, establish extended family relationships, and so on. If this is what you’re looking for then DNAatHome is your best bet. 

While there are many things we can do with DNA testing these days, DNAatHome focuses on establishing familial relationships and mostly sticks to this. Head over to the website and order your test kits to establish whatever type of relationship you are interested in.

2. AffinityDNA

If your needs for DNA testing go beyond just wanting to establish familial relationships, AffinityDNA will likely have you covered. There is the basic testing to establish familial relationships between siblings, parents, uncles, aunts, and so on, but then there are other options. 

One of AffinityDNA’s testing kits can be used to determine the gender of a baby for expecting parents and for those who want to know and make plans around the gender, this will be useful. There is also a kit that can be done for health and fitness and can tell you what illnesses you are more predisposed to due to your genetics and this can help you prepare ahead of time. For pet owners, there is also a test to determine their pet’s genetic makeup as well as their own genetic predispositions.

3. MyHeritage DNA: 

Sometimes our reasons for opting for DNA testing aren’t necessarily to establish familial relationships or to know our genetic disposition in terms of health but oftentimes, we simply want to know our genetic makeup. Are we 100% of one race? Are we several races? And if so, in what order?

MyHeritage DNA answers all these questions through its genetic breakdown kit. By using the kits, your ethnic makeup will be traced across 42 different ethnicities and from over 2000 geographic locations. This way, you can know your complete genetic makeup down to the smallest percent. You can also be matched with people across the globe that share your DNA and with this, family tree generation can be done rather simply.

4. 23andMe:

23andMe is a very well-known brand within the DNA testing kit market and for good reason. They have helped numerous people discover their background and ethnicity and have also helped connect others to their long-lost relatives. One of the kits allows for the use of a family tree builder that allows for this connection with loved ones. 

There is also the option to get up to 60 health reports using the kits and this is obviously beneficial for those who want to make lifestyle changes or simply know more about your health predispositions. 23andMe is tried and trusted in the market and if you are looking for quality, they are a good option.

5. AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA is another big home DNA testing kit company that has, over the years, developed a reputation for helping to connect customers to their lost relatives and also for their high level of accuracy when delivering results. The average AncestryDNA kit takes about 6 to 8 weeks to return results and has the standard breakdown of ethnicity.

AncestryDNA, just like 23andme, is a tried and trusted brand within the industry and if you are looking for a certain amount of assurance and stability, they will likely be your best bet.

6. Genomics Labs (now DNA37)

Sometimes the true benefit of a DNA test is not the information itself but what you do with it. In that regard, Genomics Labs is ahead of the curve as not only do you get a detailed report on your genetic breakdown and ancestry but also reports that give suggestions on how to best maximize your lifestyle. 

Depending on your genetic predispositions, certain diets may be recommended as they work best with your genetics or certain types of exercise. This means that not only do you get the information but you’ll be given actionable steps to improve your health moving forward all tailored to your own DNA.

7. FamilyTreeDNA

As the name would suggest, FamilyTreeDNA is all about breaking down ancestry and building a virtual family tree. Not only does the kit provide results on the breakdown of the users’ ancestry but also traces maternal and paternal lines. Once these lines are traced, a pattern is drawn on the migration of ancestors which helps to determine where a users’ ancestors first originated from and where they migrated to during their lifetimes. 

Surnames are also traced to determine the origin and for anyone who wants to know the lives that their ancestors lived that led to their current location, this would be a good option.

8. Embark:

While there are many offerings on the market that focus on DNA testing for humans, Embark is quite unique in that its specialty is DNA testing for animals. The kits work the same way as with humans in that a swab is done on the inside of the dog’s cheek and in 2 to 4 weeks, the results will be returned. 

If you’re looking to find out what exact breed makeup your dog is, up to 350 different categories will be checked and the threats associated with each of their breeds will be reported. Over 200 health risks can be diagnosed from the test and there will also be information on how much inbreeding has gone on in your dog’s genetic line. If you are very concerned about your dog’s health or simply want to know, Embark is the one for you. 

9. EasyDNA

EasyDNA lives up to its name by offering quick and easy DNA testing options for customers. Unlike some other services that may take weeks for results to come back, most EasyDNA tests return results between 3 to 5 working days. EasyDNA offers standard testing to establish familial relationships, prenatal testing, animal testing, ancestry testing, and so on. Whatever DNA testing needs you have, if you need to have your results as soon as possible, EasyDNA is your best option.

10. AlphaBioLabs:

When it comes to speed in terms of result delivery, almost no one beats AlphaBioLabs. Once the DNA testing kit has been returned to the lab, customers can expect same-day or next-day results. AlphaBioLab tests are mostly done to establish familial relationships between parent and child and so on. Tests are also double-checked to ensure accuracy and even though the lab prides itself on returning tests with speed, accuracy is not compromised.

While the market for DNA testing kits might be wide and varied, there are many high-quality options available. The above are the top 10 best DNA testing kit services to choose from. Whether you want to test for yourself, a family member, or even a pet, there is something in the market for everyone.

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