Over 100 Authors to Take Part in This Year’s Vancouver Writers Fest

There will be more than a hundred international and even local authors taking part in this year’s writers festival in Vancouver, Canada.

This writers’ event, always takes place at several locations in Vancouver from Oct. 21st to 27th.

This year’s event will feature talks and appearances from well-known names like Emma Donoghue, Adam Gopnik, Elif Batuman, Naomi Klein, Charlotte Gray, and many others.

Apart from the usual discussions and author-focused events at this writers’ festival, there will also be highlights like The Afternoon Tea, The Literary Cabaret and The Poetry Bash.

According to the Festival’s artistic director, Leslie Hurtig, they “have created a week of events that will entertain and inspire hungry minds; from playful school-group forays into spoken word and graphic novels, to in-depth conversations with some of today’s best writers and thinkers.

If you have always dreamed of participating in an international writers’ event like this, just know that it’s possible, long term. If you keep improving your writing and keep writing, it will eventually happen for you.

One tip I learned from an author recently is to always write whenever you can and wherever you are. Using best writing apps will help make this possible. Using such apps allow writers to get a lot more done, even while commuting from one place to another.

It really takes many years to become a well-known writer but it starts from what we do every single day.

Many of those writers invited to this year’s Vancouver Writers Fest have spent many years honing their writing skills, before getting to where they are today.

If they could do it, anyone can too, if they spend time improving and also honing their writing skills.

For those interested, the tickets will go on sale from September 9th for members and September 16th for non-members.

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