Americor Funding Receives Complaints from the US Consumers for its Poor Debt Consolidation Service

Americor Funding, the US-based debt consolidation service has been receiving complaints from the consumers for its poor debt consolidation service. It has got over 18 complaints filed against it with the Better Business Bureau. Out of all the total 18 complaints, thirteen complaints have been revolving around the problems with product and services. And three of the complaints are regarding billing and collection issues. In the remaining two complaints, people have complained about the advertising and sales issues.

The use of debt consolidation services is on the rise in different corners of the world and people have been working hard to get rid of their debt using such services. It ensures the reduction of multiple payments with a single and easy to pay monthly installment. With the help of these services, a high number of people have got benefitted to increase their credit score and boost their financial stability.

There are several branches of Americor Funding company which have been targeting American consumers to take money out of their pocket. The Americor Funding reviews have been negative and highlight the poor service of the company. Americor Funding, Americor Financial,, and are the different debt consolidation companies associated with each other. They target consumers with poor credit to offer them low-interest rates in order to lure them through direct mail, cold calling, and internet ads.

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