The California Consumer Privacy Act is Coming and Here is what it Means for Your Business

California has last year brought an update in a piece of legislation called the California Consumer Privacy act. The state has followed the implementation of the EU’s GDPR law to make the act and this act will go into effect in the state on January 1, 2020. The California Consumer Privacy Act is equivalent to its GDPR and the businesses are required to implement these to ensure the protection of consumers and personal information.

In addition, the Act also gives power to the consumer to know what types of personal information a company is holding. There will be a right to decline the sale of personal information and the right to know what information is used for which purpose. The new law under the act is primarily emphasizing on data security which is an important issue in the present time. Almost every provision is similar to GDPR regarding data security except businesses will need to implement privacy policies and hire a data officer to ensure whether data is being properly handled or not.

Verity Systems is a data protection company and it is globally popular for its hard drive data destroyer tools. Currently, the company is working to provide businesses with data auditing and degaussing solutions to help them comply with CCPA when it goes into force in 2020. Data auditing through the ‘Data Destruction Auditor’ and an HDD degausser can help to erase data securely from hard drive tapes. And will ensure that businesses protect and erase sensitive information. Verity Systems is helping businesses to erase data securely with hard drive degaussers, that is certified by the NSA and NATO.

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