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Texting and driving? Dr Glenn Vo’s debut novel 2612 Cherryhill Lane will make you think twice




According to the National Safety Council, texting and driving causes around 1.6 million crashes each year. It’s a startling statistic that practicing dentist Dr. Glenn Vo was almost a part of, and is what motivated him to write his debut novel 2612 Cherryhill Lane.

The novel follows Jonothan, a Texas high school football star who loses both his legs and his sister Gabby in car crash caused by his texting and driving. A cautionary tale against the dangers of cellphone use while driving, the book made USA Today’s bestseller list, an unusual feat for a practicing dentist and first-time author.

According to Vo, the reason his book resonated with so many people is because the message behind it was personal and poignant. “If you have a strong “why” behind your message, you can spread it through any medium,” he says. And Vo’s “why” is to prevent others from experiencing the same tragedy he almost did. Over a decade ago, Vo was driving with his pregnant wife when he veered into oncoming traffic while replying to a text message. Thankfully, Vo managed to swerve just in time before a large truck collided into them. “My wife was crying. I was just in shock. We sat there for about five minutes and she didn’t have to say anything. I knew what had just happened, what could have happened,” he said. “And from that day forward, I would never text and drive again. I’m very against it.”

Vo was inspired to write Jonothan’s story to demonstrate the devastating impact of texting and driving. “Although his tragedy was a lot worse than what actually happened to me, it serves as a reminder that no matter what’s going on in your life, your life can change in a split second over something that’s really small. Like texting and driving; it’s just not worth it,” he says.

Following the unprecedented success of his novel, Vo has been inundated with positive feedback from readers and received a 4.8/5 rating on Goodreads. With over 3000 people dying a year from inattentive driving, Vo’s warning is a relevant one. “Today my daughter is 10 years old,” he says. “Every day I look at her as a reminder of what could have been lost.” But for those who don’t have a daily reminder, 2612 Cherryhill Lane is a gripping and moving tale that will make you think twice before reaching for your phone again.

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