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Take Care Of Your Watch




Watches are prone to being affected by things like dirt, moisture, dust, and temperature extremes such as heat. Watches these days are built to resist some of these elements. However, it is still important to take the appropriate safety measures in order to protect your timepiece.

Watches are very intricate and fragile; they require maintenance and care. To keep your watch safe from scratches and in perfect condition, follow these steps:

Keep It On A Watch Stand

Keeping your timepiece on a watch stand is very convenient. Whether you have one watch or more, it is vital to keep them intact and organized. In addition to protecting your beloved watch, you can have a beautiful display of your watches out in the open. This also makes it easy to see which watch you would want to wear on a special day.

Keep Watch In Original Box

Owners can also keep their watches in their original box. When it is not being worn, it’s best to keep it in the box it came in. This avoids setbacks like scratches. The watch box is made to keep the watch safe and offers protection.

Clean Watch With A Soft Cloth

You should make sure to clean your watch case and strap regularly. If the watch you have is not waterproof, use a dry and soft cloth to wipe. If your watch is water resistant, you can use a damp cloth very carefully.

Service Watch Regularly

Ideally, mechanical watches should be serviced every two years. Quartz watches should be serviced every three years. It is important to replace a dead battery in order to avoid the risk of leakage. Leakage can cause serious damage to your watch.

Avoid Scratches

You should make sure to remove your watch during activities that could cause harm and create scratches. Avoid wearing wrist jewellery on the same side as your watch. This could scratch your watch.

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