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Supporting The Fempire: Angolina Amores, The Female Mogul, Is Teaching Women To Be Their Own Sugar Daddy




Angolina Amores was never given a silver spoon growing up – and yet today, she is a well regarded self-made and self-taught entrepreneur at only 26 years old. Angolina runs 7 businesses in e-commerce, real-estate, and coaching. Known as ‘The Female Mogul’, she leads The Alpha Femme, a female empowerment company built to help ambitious women build successful empires. The brand’s mission is to empower women to build their empires unapologetically.

“My goal is to become a motivational speaker and billionaire, helping women to build their own empires. Or shall I say: Fempires!” Angolina says.

The Alpha Femme, like it’s founder, has many facets, including an e-commerce store selling female boss related apparel and a side focused on coaching, blogging, and community. It’s currently the largest online female entrepreneur related apparel store. 

“I’m creating a trend in women aspiring to become multi-millionaires and leaders in their industries. Our best-selling shirt is actually our “Be Your Own Sugar Daddy” tee!” says Angolina. 

The educational side of The Alpha Femme has expanded into a new online course called Millionare Brand Mastery. This course focuses on how to create 7 figure brands with an emphasis on building passive income all the while. 

With so many successful projects in the works, it’s hard to believe that Angolina would face any difficulties. In fact, she’ll be the first to admit that starting and running your own businesses is fraught with challenges. 

“I would say the biggest challenge is knowing how to correctly market yourself in a way that really connects with your ideal customers and makes you the only solution for them vs. your competitors. I figured out how to successfully market my one of my businesses, The Alpha Femme, in a way that targets my ideal customers and position this brand at the top of their minds,” Angolina explains. 

By finding the perfect niche and understanding its deepest desires, Angolina was able to create female empowerment apparel with slogans that really spoke to the hearts of her customers. Her ambitious customers and followers were also extremely willing to learn new skills about how to make money online, which allowed her to successfully pre-sell her Millionaire Brand Mastery course within days. 

After learning many ins and outs of running and scaling businesses through trial and error, Angolina wanted to spread her wealth of knowledge with others. She advises others that are looking to start their own business, to find people (like herself!) to learn from, and especially to learn from their mistakes. 

“I don’t necessarily mean getting a mentor, but network and listen to people’s stories. Surround yourself with smarter and more successful people than you. You want to feel inspired and learn their moves. You want to get a clear picture of how their business is running. Then apply those strategies to yours and add your own spice and innovation. You can’t go wrong with that and you don’t need to fix what’s not broken. Do what is already working and do it even better,” Angolina says. 

Beyond learning from experience, Angolina understands much of her success is dependent on her mindset. She believes that her subconscious is what attracted the right people and opportunities to lead her to the place she is today. 

“Back when I made pennies I already had a millionaire mindset, because I know with my visions I would be able to attain this life. I made myself a vision board and put all the pictures of things I wanted to have – the house I wanted to live in, the exact car I wanted to drive, things I wanted to buy for myself and so on. I looked at this day and night. I was obsessed with my vision. You need to be obsessed with what you want to achieve,” outlines Angolina.

She took this dedication even further, not only manifesting in her mind, but living it out in the real world – in whatever way she could. 

“I even went to a million dollar open house so that I could feel what it’s like to live in a place like that. Test drive a car if you need to. Go to the Gucci store and try on the shoes you want to buy for yourself. Do anything you need to do to know what success feels like,” Angolina says. 

Keep up to date with this female mogul as she organizes a conference with a panel of influential female motivational speakers, releases a book, and launches another course later this year. 

Follow Angolina on Instagram and check out The Alpha Femme blog and online store.

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