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Scott Michaels, Stylo Matchmakers Football Boots: Supporting the Local Economy




Stylo Matchmakers, a UK based football boot brand established in 1966, is today managed by football expert and brand owner, Scott Michaels. The multi-national sports brand operate the design, development, manufacturing, global marketing and sales of premium quality sportswear.

The Stylo Matchmakers label has announced that they have taken a firm stand to support the local British economy by helping the hundreds of independent retailers, mainly those who lost out on football boots sales to the big brand’s preferred retail partners.

In order to outshine the popular corporate football boot brands, independent sellers are making this alternative, anti-corporate, iconic, exclusive, limited edition, brand option available to their local customers.

By completely ignoring the heavily monetized big brand markets, the Stylo Matchmakers retailer network have built their own influence, telling the unique story of how Stylo Matchmakers have something completely different to offer, for those players who don’t want to follow, pay for and be force fed corporate trends.

As a British family run brand, Stylo Matchmakers claim they only serve leaders and mavericks, those who make the decision not to follow.

This partnership presents the wonderful opportunity for both independent football boot retailers and UK football players to support their local economy, instead of shopping with international brands.

In order to counter the big brands, Stylo Matchmakers also focuses on using the best of modern-day technologies and present professional standard football boots for their players.

The Stylo Matchmakers label is also massively supportive of the Against Modern Football campaign and it fights to nullify the impact the modern-day corporate world has on football.

Brand owner Scott Michaels says that the Stylo Matchmakers doesn’t make use of ill marketing tactics to tackle their big brand rivals.

Heavily marketing to vulnerable children in 2021 with paid sponsorships in order to add value to a product we believe is highly irresponsible by the market leading brands.

We have values so we are not going to begin to compete with that. That’s why we back the Against Modern Football campaign and only market to adults. Most adults have the ability to understand the brand’s true message and meaning.

Stylo Matchmakers continues to focus on maintaining transparency in its operations to support the players and independent retailers who understand the brand’s logic. It also gives players and independent sellers the opportunity to act as leaders to support their local economy, by challenging the monopoly the big brands have on the market.

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