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Sghettiboy Blackboi is Back with his Latest Single “Bubba”




Sghettiboy Blackboi is back again with his newest offering, “Bubba.” Coming off the recent success of “Gifted,” Sghettiboy Blackboi is maintaining a consistent approach to releasing music. Both tracks have been rapidly making their way around social media. “Bubba” delivers a catchy hook with a summertime vibe-like production. Blackboi easily creates an uptempo and satisfying mood while he details being surrounded by beautiful women and memorable party-like vibes.

Bubba is the latest track under his label; Cortez’s use of melody and his effortless change in flows are unmatched.  Similar to a skilled craftsman at work with his instrument, Sghettiboy shows mastery of a plethora of vocal techniques. “Bubba” shows the high quality of work Sghettiboy has been manifesting all year long. Along with “Gifted” and “My Dawgs”, “Bubba” sets the foundation for Blackboi to continue to build a unique musical identity.

On reading more about Sghettiboy, when he talks about his favourite food and inspiration for the name Sghettiboy (Spaghetti-boy), he explains the track “Bubba” best.

While talking about his favourite food, he explains;

“I named my company “Sghetti” after spaghetti, which is my favourite food because it is one of the most flavourful dishes you can get. It’s good right from the stove, yet it gets even better over time as the sauce simmers and the intense flavours blend creating this unique zest, and that’s what we embody.”

Similarly, the track Bubba is a dish served hot. As the track plays, you find the flavours of crisp melody and immersing production filling your ears and helping to create an intensity that immerses the mind, body and soul of the listener. It is a unique blend of hip-hop and soul. Sghettiboy’s voice is his instrument which he plays tactfully with an array of variations.

He also says, “It’s important to build something to leave behind when you’re gone. What I’m building for me and my artists will live on and their families will forever have that. I want to give them longevity as we learn and grow together. That family-ship. Ownership.”

He stands true to these words in “Bubba”, a track that blends contemporary pop sounds with alternative hip hop music. Sghettiboy’s ability to create quality art with substance in an industry littered with fast-food sounds is the hallmark of the Sghettiboy brand.  Tune into “Bubba” now on all streaming services and be on the lookout for more dope releases from the Sghettiboy camp.

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