Seeking Divorce Mediation is a valid option for Divorcing Couple

Lawyer Nicholas Hicks recommends seeking divorce mediation for divorcing couples especially those couples who are on good terms and would like to avoid litigation. He has claimed that this divorce strategy is better than others. A divorce process is not simple and straightforward. When a marriage ends the parties have to decide how their debts and assets should be split while deciding who will have primary custody over the children (if any). If you’re considering changing your child’s name, you need to determine the steps and costs involved before making the decision.

The divorce meditation process allows the pair to talk about achievable outcomes and negotiate things in front of a divorce lawyer like spousal support, child support, equitable distribution in a controlled environment making the divorce more manageable and less overwhelming. It is intended to be a faster and a more relaxed process for handling divorce.

Couples are unaware of mediation for divorce as an option. They need to ask their attorney about alternative methods for dispute resolution. Unlike other couples, some need to be guided through the decision making process. The divorce mediator lends the support when the parties are ready to talk together right away or meet individually with the mediator to build trust and rapport before the full mediation sessions begin.

This preliminary round helps better during negotiation. Additionally there is flexibility as there is no need for the courts to take control and implement outside orders. Instead of being pushed apart in the court system here the couple can come together despite their differences to make the most moving forward. The way can be emotional, change of hearts can be experienced and sometimes it is practical with couples reaching straight to the children custody discussion. It all depends on the clients and how they want to take it forward.

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