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San Francisco Artist Miles Squiers New Song “Alright”




San Francisco and Bay Area native artist Miles Squires was made for a life of music. Squires’ mother was a Jazz and concert vocalist, and he was destined to follow suit. The creative first started writing and producing music four years ago when he was in high school. Since that time Squires has constantly been developing his craft. The artist is known for his music that perfectly blends multiple genres.

His track “Alright,” which features Morgan Le Prince has a catchy melody, smooth piano, guitar baseline, and a perfect beat for Miles Squiers vocals. All combined to make a song that sets out to give you that feel-good vibe and one that makes you want to put the track on repeat. This up and coming artist has plenty more talent to show.

Miles Squiers’ Instagram:

Listen to Miles Squiers’ “Alright” here:

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