Rudy Treminio – Setting an Example of Boosting Automotive Sales and Ensuring Customer Service

Sales and customer services are jobs that demand the highest level of attention to detail. These positions also put increased pressure on the individual responsible. The individuals who rise to the challenge are signified by being able to do a commendable job while bearing the pressure and giving their best to add value to what they do. These exemplary individuals don’t just rely on their in-built qualities but keep learning throughout their careers. This learning and accumulating knowledge helps these individuals evolve their personalities and skills. Thus, they can produce incredible results.

This need to excel is born from the realization that learning and improving oneself is the only way to create a brighter future. If a person ignores this simple fact, they will never be able to grasp better opportunities. And once they accept their circumstances and do not work towards bettering them, they end up being adrift in life aimlessly. If they spend enough time in such a situation, the opportunities that could help them soon start dwindling and usually dry up altogether. This aimless drift could even lead to a downward spiral into further difficulties until it becomes impossible to do anything about it. 

Once a person accepts this fact, despite their long and hard way ahead, they finally get a sense of direction in life. This realization of a path to success enables them to redouble their efforts with enthusiasm. Additionally, this realization can even give such a person access to previously untapped reserves of energies that they didn’t even realize they held within themselves. Such is the nature of hope; it can supercharge a person’s rise to heights of success. Once they get this vision of a better future ahead, all that stands in their way is hard work. And with those reserves of energy at their disposal, working hard, instead of getting exhausted, enables them to keep moving forward.

Automotive sale is a field that requires hard work. The work is rewarding but requires motivation to gain success. An adequately motivated person can make a name for themselves in automotive sales. Once they start moving up the ladder, their skills are put to the test. Intelligent individuals distinguish themselves by applying all their accumulated learning experiences to the work, enabling them to keep moving. There are constantly stumbling blocks in the path to success, but these motivated and intelligent individuals can bypass them, armed with their burgeoning repertoire of skills.

Along with the skill to make significant sales in the automotive industry and boost sales numbers, the skillset related to ensuring a satisfactory customer experience can earn a person a positive reputation. Such an individual is destined to attain the heights of success that only a few are capable of. One such individual who has proven that there is such a thing as a meteoric rise in the automotive industry is Rudy Treminio.

Rudy Treminio, also known as El Patronn, was born on December 28, 1980, in El Salvador. Rudy is a successful American entrepreneur who has blazed a path in the automotive industry. Despite humble beginnings that did not indicate such a bright future, Rudy has proven his mettle in the span of his career, not just once but twice. Rudy is also known for being a successful social media marketer and author. His early days in his native country of El Salvador were marked by abject poverty. Eventually, his family relocated to the United States, with Rudy in tow, who was against this move. He was a rebellious teenager who didn’t know about building a future and didn’t give the idea a second thought for a time. He didn’t have any skills to talk about and no motivation at that time.

But eventually, education opened his eyes to the possibilities he could claim. Rudy received his high school education from 1997 to 1999 and began his professional career in 1998 when he joined City World as a General Sales Manager. He left the company in 2007 and joined Jersey City Ford Lincoln Mercury as General Manager in September 2008. In 2013, Rudy started his own business, Kingz of Cars. He is also the CEO of a business app, Geras Associates, LLC.

Despite having a promising start and a modest success in automotive sales, his first stumbling block was his struggle with alcoholism. This experience hurt him personally and negatively impacted his public reputation. But through sheer force of will, Rudy eventually defeated his demons and has since consistently kept them at bay. 

Rudy is currently the Managing Partner/General Manager of Brooklyn Mitsubishi. His sales skills and an uncanny ability to engender a positive customer experience have enabled him to sell more than 36000 vehicles. Rudy’s success is due to his principle of studying the industry and implementing new strategies. Plus, he aims to provide customers with the best car buying experience, making him a true leader in the industry. Rudy has also successfully breathed new life into numerous failing dealerships. While maintaining his position at the heights of success in the automotive industry, Rudy also trains people and provides mentorship to help individuals become equipped with skills that enable them to beat the odds and succeed in their fields. Rudy’s book, Game Changer, was published in 2020. ‘Game Changer’ shares Rudy’s success story with the readers and teaches them how a motivated individual can win by beating all the odds.


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