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Ronnie Gauthier: Working With Your Spouse and Inspiring Across the Nation




“I know not everyone would enjoy or can work with their spouse, but for my husband and me, it makes sense. We work so well together. We help each other grow and it’s very rewarding being able to accomplish our goals together.” A decade ago, Ronnie Gauthier was in the middle of obtaining her Master’s in Psychology. Today, after a series of misfortunes, she is running a finance office and entrepreneurship-focused training firm with her husband, Jay Gauthier Jr. After all that happened to her, Ronnie could not be happier with the professional and personal growth she has experienced over the last ten years.

Born and raised in South El Monte, California, Gauthier and her husband moved to San Dimas, California. Ronnie was working as a school psychologist intern when Jay lost his job with the local fire department. Not knowing where to turn, Ronnie and Jay both reevaluated their careers and turned to entrepreneurship and training. Because of this decision, the couple has built a resume that includes helping 150 agents nationwide obtain their licenses. They are looking to double that number in the next year.

The entrepreneurial spirit that Ronnie discovered within herself has been a gracious personal reward and has lifted a burden off her shoulders. “I know what it is like to struggle financially and feel like you’re starting from nothing. My clients know that this is why I am passionate about what I do,” Ronnie says. “Even if they do not become my client, it is my goal that they leave feeling they have gained some value in one way or another.” This devotion to their work is what separates Ronnie from the rest of their competition and is what has helped them build one of the most successful advising firms in America.

You can check out Ronnie’s personal Instagram here.

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