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Riding high on success is Gloria Kloter, a top architect and entrepreneur from the US, growing above all the hurdles in her life




She currently mentors immigrant architects free of charge on a FB group called ‘Foreign Architects’.

Having dreams and goals in life is one thing, but to go forward and make it huge in the same is an altogether different thing. 

It takes real guts and strong decisions that may even question the industry’s norms. For becoming a prominent name in any business industry today, individuals know that real success can only be attained by relentlessly working towards it and not running behind shortcuts in life. 

Having the dream to become an architect ever since she understood the meaning of dreams, Gloria Kloter went ahead to become the architect she wanted to while she lived in her home country, the Dominican Republic. However, things started to change after she moved to the US after her marriage. 

Today, this passionate and talented woman is one of the sought-after architects and entrepreneurs in the US after going through many ups and downs and facing many hurdles in her quest to become a licensed architect in the US.

As a leading architect and entrepreneur, Gloria Kloter owns ‘Glow Architects’, which is a Florida-based international Architecture & Interior Design Studio. However, to reach this position in life, Gloria Kloter saw it all and still never gave up. 

She was already a licensed architect in the Dominican Republic through the architectural board CODIA since 2011, but in the US things were quite different. It required a different set of processes to be known as a licensed architect as the term architect has legal implications in the US.

Gloria Kloter wasted a lot of time and money in the process to transfer her architect license. Even amidst the challenges in her way, she decided to keep moving ahead and got all her education and experience verified and approved by NCARB. She began taking the ARE exams that are six in total and later joined a Bootcamp as well to help herself to properly study for the ARE. 

Finally, after passing all her ARE exams, she was able to apply for her architect license in Florida and thus became a Registered Architect in America.

If it weren’t for Gloria Kloter’s strong mental fortitude and her never give up attitude, the leading and licensed architect of the US wouldn’t have reached the influential position she enjoys today as a mentor and entrepreneur. 

Soon after, she even became the Architect Licencing Advisor for the State of Florida through AIA Florida and began with mentoring immigrant architects. This motivated her to start with ‘Foreign Architects’ a Facebook group that already boasts 700 foreign architects. 

Some are in the process and some have finished their architect licensing process in the US. Gloria Kloter mentors in this resourceful community and supports many other immigrant architects who wish to get licensed in America. 

Gloria Kloter, through her passion in the world of architecture and her business acumen as an entrepreneur, has led her way to the top of the industry, where she is today also respected for her mentorship to many other aspiring architects of the world. 

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