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Photographer Hikmat Wehbi does his part to help during the COVID-19 crisis




Most people are doing their best to self-isolate as we try to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the coronavirus. It is easy to feel anxious, helpless, or scared, but some are doing their part and giving back during these challenging times. Philanthropists are making donations and performing humanitarian duties to help the people in need. Dubai-based photographer and founder of W Studio, Hikmat Wehbi, is doing his part to help the world grapple with the global pandemic.

Hikmat Wehbi is one of the most sought after names in Dubai and beyond. Hikmat and his company W Studio have worked with a stellar list of clients over two decades, including Chalhoub Group, Google, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Chanel, Dior, Carolina Herrera, L’Oreal and several others. During COVID-19, Hikmat has been doing his bit to help fight the pandemic. Apart from making personal contributions to global relief efforts, Hikmat is doing his best to use his network and resources to help alleviate the crisis. Hikmat explained, “It is imperative that people in positions of affluence and power take a stand, and do all they can to make a difference. Now its the time for fewer words and more action.” 

Hikmat Wehbi understands the value of success. Today, W Studio is considered to be one of the oldest and renowned production houses in Dubai. It started with producing stills and video content in the early days. It has now evolved into a full-fledged production house with a multifaceted team. Wehbi explained, “During the pandemic, we need to be resilient, whether it’s our businesses, professions, or lives. COVID-19 is not invulnerable, and I am confident that humanity will prevail so long as we stand together in solidarity.”

Hikmat added that ironically the COVID-19 crisis has brought the world closer. People are more compassionate, open-minded, and empathetic than ever before. The pandemic won’t last forever, and each of us needs to do our part to help make a difference.

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