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Online Corona Virus Clinic is Aiming to Provide a Secure Covid-19 Consultation




Online Corona Virus Clinic has been aiming to provide a secure Covid-19 consultation with a GP to every person. It doesn’t require the visit of a person to any hospital as one can take medical advice related to the Covid-19 pandemic online. The decision to unveil this Online Corona Virus Clinic was taken after seeing the growing number of Coronavirus inflected people worldwide.

According to the World Health Organization, the total number of COVID-19 cases across the world had reached 323,000 on 22 March and it is only those people who have been tested positive for COVID-19. It added that there are many more people who are infected with this disease but no tests have been done on them. The Online Corona Virus Clinic has been set to combat the situation of uncertainty that has arisen due to this disease.

Until now, the Online Corona Virus Clinic is live in the United States, Australia, France, Spain, Malaysia, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. And it is being extended to many new countries to allow people to seek online medical advice, referrals, and testing for COVID-19. This online clinic will reduce the chances of the spread of this pandemic and also it will reduce the burden on emergency services as well as health clinics treating COVID-19 infected people across the globe.

Any patient can take online consultation by visiting the Online Corona Virus Clinic’s website and book an appointment time to speak with a COVID-19 expert. The online Corona Virus Clinic has made it easier to diagnose COVID-19 symptoms and suggest the steps to follow through telehealth consultation.

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