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One Night Stand star Matthew Sauvé shares insights about his upcoming mini-series and short-film slated for 2021




The year 2021 is slated to be a big year in entertainment with new movies, shows, and series on the horizon. Many actors are looking forward to the remainder of 2020 as a groundbreaking year to stream services for producers to push the creative envelope. Matthew Sauvé, the lead actor of the critically acclaimed film One Night Stand, shares his insights on his upcoming projects this year. 

Acting has always been Matthew’s passion, and he is passionate about exploring unique and creative projects that help allow him to take things to the next level. Mathew added, “This year, I have two major projects coming up. I have done my best to push the boundaries of creativity to give the audiences something truly unexpected.” This year Matthew’s talent will be showcased in Forgotten Corpses: The Confinement a mini-series and the short-horror film Endgame.

Matthew’s range lends well to horror films as it requires authenticity in somewhat unbelievable situations. “Horror films might easily grab the audience’s attention, but it takes a lot more than that to keep their attention,” explains Matthew. “As an actor, you are tasked to embody so many emotions, not just fear, which makes the characters relatable. If the audience becomes invested in the characters yet engrossed by the story, you know you’ve got a great film on your hands.” That is what sets both projects apart from mainstream releases. 

Matthew Sauvé is an international multi-award-winning actor. He is best known for his lead role as ‘Travis’ in the dramatic short film “One Night Stand.” The film received critical acclaim, winning him over 40 ‘Best Actor’ awards worldwide. In Canada, “One Night Stand” won 2nd place in the 2019 CTV ‘Best in Shorts’ national competition. Highlights include winning ‘Best Lead Actor’ at the West Europe International Film Festival in Brussels, nominated in the same category as famous Hollywood actor Vincent D’Onofrio for the second time.

Matthew believes that working with independent directors and projects allows you to take chances that typical projects can’t. That is what makes it exciting. While Forgotten Corpses follows a man and woman in a post-apocalyptic world, Endgame is a sinister tale about internet safety. Both releases are sure to scare and fascinate audiences worldwide. Matthew Sauvé never disappoints, and his performance is sure to win him more awards and recognition as he continues to shine. He remains focused on his craft and has a busy year ahead of him.

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