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NYC-LA Buzz: Kim K’s Plastic Surgeon Making Kardashian A Queen Bey Clone




Kim K Transforming into Beyonce with Plastic Surgery by 2020

It’s official – fans across America are all saying the same thing. While it initially made waves in August, not many sites picked up on the news that Kim Kardashian has been subtly adjusting her appearance to seem more like the Queen Bee herself, Beyonce. However, when before and after images are compared, the whole situation seems pretty self-explanatory. After all, Kim Kardashian has shown she will do anything for fame – one only has to look at her infamous sex tape to know that. However, modifying one’s appearance to fit into an urban mold is a tale as old as hip hop – just look at Ariana Grande, or Post Malone. These artists have themselves adjusted their looks and vocals to exemplify a black sound. It makes sense that Kim Kardashian would want to hop on this train. 

Plastic surgery is typically only done to enhance one’s appearance. What this means is that plastic surgeons won’t try to come up with a whole new face for someone – except in very rare circumstances. Traditionally, cosmetic plastic surgery builds off of one’s pre-existing facial features, and doesn’t modify them to any extreme levels. If your nose is a little big, a rhinoplasty will reduce the size. Collagen can be injected into lips to enhance their appearance. On their own, cosmetic procedures will be fairly difficult to notice to regular people. However, when done in conjunction with many other procedures, plastic surgery can cause people to look drastically different from the way they used to. 

Did the Best Plastic Surgeon NYC Change Kardashian’s Race?

When one views photos of the Kardashians from before they were world-famous celebrities, it’s almost impossible to believe the way they look today. Khloe, Courtney, and Kim are all well-known for their bronzed skin today, but back in the day they were all pale-faced white teens with pretty regular facial features. This makes sense, considering their parents aren’t necessarily a genetic goldmine. While Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Genner was a former Olympian, her facial features weren’t ever rivalling those of Brad Pitt. The truth is that prior to plastic surgery, most of the Kardashians didn’t look like anything particularly special by many people’s standards.

And while they may or may not have had a job done, it is quite noticeable their changes.  One look at the website of Dr. Sachin Shridharani, one of the best plastic surgeon NYC offices,  and it is easy to  think the Kardashians have had a job done similar to that of shown clients.

So, What’s the Verdict?

While Kim has been accused of trying to morph into Beyonce, the entire Kardashian clan has been accused for years of trying to adopt trends started by black women. Remember when Kim wore cornrows not once, but multiple times? Or what about the time Kim copied Beyonce’s outfit … oh yeah, which time are we talking about? The truth is that while Kim may not be trying to literally steal Beyonce’s face, she’s doing everything in her power to profit off of Beyonce’s brand recognition, style sense, and fashion know-how. And she’s pretty successful at it too. 

Think about it. Why is Kim Kardashian even famous? Before her sex tape in 2007, she was essentially a nobody, only known for occasionally being seen with Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. It was only after her 2007 sex tape that she began making a name for herself. What has that name been made up of though? Reality TV, makeup lines, clothing brands, brand endorsements … essentially, health & beauty. Beyonce has pretty much nailed down that aspect of her life, but also has an entire musical career supporting her endeavors. It seems like Kim is trying to become the Beyonce of the beauty world, and people are starting to notice. 

Even more interesting, places like Brazil and the Dominican Republic are loaded with women who look just like Kim K.    There’s a lurking question of why media outlets are so sensitive to their looks but not a European-descent woman imitating them.   Do the women in rap video “Rich Life Forever” not offer the same goods?  Yet their video would be banned by YouTube, unlike a fully nude Kim K or Miley Cyrus.   

In all fairness of argument, the doctor’s working on these people are definitely not as financially stable as those working on women in Latin American countries.   Perhaps it’s the industry backing the Kardashian clan. Top surgeons make multi-millions of dollars annually from high end clients of Hollywood who ‘fiend for change. 

Watch the video below about the Beyonce vs Kim K controversy. More on this topic as fans continue to buzz about it on social media.

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