Never settle for a single thing & Keep learning new things – Rahul Wadhera

Rahul Wadhera is one of the top Entrepreneurs in today’s times. After completing his schooling from the Prestigious Lawrence School, Sanawar, India he went to London At Royal Holloway University for his Masters in International Accounting.

Rahul was always fascinated with trying new things. He never settled with one single thing. His motto was always learning new things which will further benefit him and his business. He started with his business in exporting leather products.

After successfully starting his own company and earning his name in the foreign market, Rahul Wadhera ventured into the construction business. He takes projects of residential and commercial construction. Currently, he’s big projects include Mohali City walk shopping mall, PP city center shopping mall, and a Resort in GOA (India). Construction business is going well like others, yet Rahul didn’t stop.

Rahul Wadhera has been working in several different fields of business, one of the most popular field today is the Hospitality business. After being in Dubai for a while now, Rahul figured out the Hospitality business opportunities in Dubai. Being the person he is, he started exploring the field and now he’s acquired three hotels namely the Stylish Ramada Plaza Hotel Dubai, The Delmon Palace Hotel and the Delmon Boutique hotel, each of these are iconic landmark hotels of Dubai.

Rahul Wadhera also started building apartments in DUBAI for each category of people. People trusted Rahul with his work because of his goodwill. He never failed in any business and did his work with all his passion, which is why people trust Rahul in anything he does.

Rahul Wadhera says, “I believe that this is just a humble beginning and I’m looking forward to establishing a leading hospitality chain with international standards very much here in Dubai”. Rahul has also won the prestigious award as the Visionary Entrepreneur in Hospitality in the year 2018 which was presented to him by His Excellency, Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, The Honorable Cabinet Minister, The Minister for Tolerance and the President of the UAE Genetic Disease Association.

Rahul’s outlook on life is really fascinating. The way he keeps learning and exploring different business fields is really inspiring for today’s youth. Rahul is defining the phrase “Never settle” in the best way.

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