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Nate Jeal and Bao-Tran Nguyen Share Some Key Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs




Dr. Nate Jeal (@drnatejeal) and Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen (@dr.baotran) worked tirelessly to earn the trusted reputation they hold today. Two of the most reputable dental practitioners in Manitoba, have expanded their repertoire diving into the world of entrepreneurship, hungry for growth.

Spouses and business partners, Jeal and Nguyen co-founded Smile Co, a leading dental group, and Dental Authority Marketing, a marketing strategy and implementation service for other dentists. They have acquired, grown, and transformed multiple dental practices, driving improvements in operations, marketing, communications, and culture. In just a few short years, these entrepreneurs have increased the value of numerous dental practices, acquired multiple locations, and have employed over 100 dentists and staff members. 

Jeal and Nguyen credit much of their success to their positive and persistent mindsets.

“Mindset is everything in dental practice, as an entrepreneur and in business, it’s the spine and bony structure that holds all the soft, squishy bits together,” they said.

The two entrepreneurial dentists never settled for average. As natural risk-takers with complementary skills, it made sense when Nguyen and Jeal expanded into multi-practice ownership. 

“Acceptance of risk and embracing failure are the two most important challenges that most entrepreneurs have to overcome. When there is an aversion to calculated risk it is nearly impossible to grow beyond one’s current situation,” said Jeal and Nguyen. 

Many entrepreneurs steer clear of risk, but Jeal and Nguyen’s glass-half-full mindsets enable them to harness potential failure, turning it into a valuable learning tool.

“Failure is a part of growing and should be considered the ‘cost of tuition’ for an education in real life,” Jeal said.

While Nguyen and Jeal cannot stress the importance of a positive mindset enough, they believe it to be no substitute for motivation. 

“A core belief we carry is that no one can be motivated, rather as humans we can only harness internal drives which already exist,” said Jeal and Nguyen.

Both entrepreneurs possess a remarkable internal drive to succeed and achieve. Jeal and Nguyen’s shared devotion to a common goal combined with their complementary skill sets allows them to progress at a rate few can duplicate. 

Jeal and Nguyen enjoy the demand of an entrepreneurial lifestyle but warn aspiring entrepreneurs of the workload required to create a successful business. 

“Entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of taking days off, calling in sick or taking a stress leave,” they said.

Jeal and Nguyen feel many entrepreneurs want to enjoy the trappings of success but few are willing to put the necessary work in. 

As entrepreneurs, the power couple has learned to persist in the face of great adversity. They try and fail, learn, and try again.

“When you believe in what you do and refuse to accept permanent failure as an option it is much easier to weather the pressures and short-term tough times,” said Jeal and Nguyen.

To learn more about Jeal and Nguyen, be sure to look out for their upcoming book. It will be released in 2020 and is entitled “Fast Growth Practice.” The book gives readers deep insight into their practical protocols for business and life.

Be sure to follow these flourishing entrepreneurs @drnatejeal and @dr.baotran.

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