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Musicians and COVID-19: Bridging the Gaps Online




When the world resorted to a lockdown from the coronavirus pandemic, professional sectors worldwide came to a standstill as every activity came to a halt- and the effect it had on the music industry left many people disappointed.

Venues for concerts were canceled, tour schedules came apart, and many music artists have been struggling to make ends meet. After all, these concerts and tours were the means through which they earned their living. However, there have been many other ways artists have come across to make the most of what they have and not give in to the fear of the spreading virus.

Since the pandemic was abrupt, many artists were at a loss of what to do next- but others like the SEPSISS, for example, didn’t hesitate to tackle the situation with innovative approaches.

A Manchester based metal band and winners for the 2019 ‘Best Hard Rock/Metal Act of the Year’ award from the New England Music Awards, SEPSISS were one of the first few bands that reaped social media benefits and continued to stay connected to their crowds despite not having any live concerts. As a community based interactive band, they have made use of streaming services and worked together in healing their community by being one of the first interactive band that has allowed fans to help shape their sound, content, and the future.

Consequently, many other musicians have used the same technological streaming tactics and tried various ways to keep themselves connected with their audience.

Advocating Online

Music isn’t the only thing these artists are providing the crowd with. With the pandemic showing no signs of curbing its excessive expansion effect across the globe, many musicians have used their online platforms as a way to advocate their audience on COVID-19 safety precautions.

Stories and new information are being relayed by these artists. They share their thoughts on the subject, how they are coping with the pandemic, and taking care of themselves. With them implementing on the safety protocols related to the coronavirus, they hope that they can get their point across to devoted followers who are quite ardent in following the footsteps of their music role models.


As we mentioned before, the pandemic crisis has halted the work within the professional sector- leading to the diminishing economic conditions of countries worldwide.

With the state of the world in absolute peril, music artists have generously donated to healthcare centers to reduce the overwhelming burden on the medical industry. Additionally, they have also been aiding the underdeveloped countries and donating to causes and projects focused on providing proper medical care to financially crippled individuals.

Virtual Lessons

With classes closed for many aspiring musicians out there, the current popular music artists go out of their way and help these young individuals continue their music lessons.

Some have been teaching how to improve their singing while others teach their fans how to hold a tune on a guitar- allowing no compromises to be made to maintain the pace of their training.

Not only have these acts worked as a catalyst to boost their popularity – but it has also placed them in everyone’s good graces who will always remember their contribution to the public in such trying times. 

With experience as a full-time environmentalist and part time journalist, Lisa heads the post of editor at California Herald. She covers all the significant proceedings in the world of Environment while editing all the news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

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