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Jennifer Carrasco, CEO of Virago Skin & Body, Shares Her Rise to Success and How Others can Follow in Her Path




At an early point in her life, Jennifer Carrasco was not sure what direction she would take her life. A divorced mother at 23 years of age, Carrasco locked her sights on a life of entrepreneurship. “Maybe I was just a rebel who wanted to prove that I can create and manifest anything I wanted,” Carrasco shares. “Somewhere between growing up and doing the right thing, I started my career.” Now the owner of multiple businesses, Jenn Carrasco is looking to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurship is a journey on must commit to for a lifetime, for the long haul,” Carrasco states. When she found herself at her lowest point, the California entrepreneur knew where she wanted to end up but was not sure how she would get there. Committing herself to her passion, Carrasco created a line of skincare products and a studio, Virago Skin, and Body Studio, that she was immensely devoted to. For her, it did not work. Instead, Jennifer Carrasco found herself enjoying the ability to give others the best skincare possible and, in general, help every client. The feeling she had of improving someone’s life propelled her career and personal life in even the smallest way. As both a mother and a business owner, Carrasco devotes her time to give her child and her client the same results: happiness and knowledge. Along with the success she has found in the beauty world, the Virago CEO has also expanded her repertoire of work into the fields of contracting and business coaching, along with the help of Apex Entrepreneur Ryan Stewman.

Learning and using motivation from her past mistakes, Jennifer propelled herself into entrepreneurial status with great success and knew she had more to offer the world. This feeling birthed her WTF Is Beauty Anyway podcast. “I am helping others with the knowledge I have attained over the years of hard knocks.” Being the inspirational and kind-hearted female entrepreneur she is, Jennifer Carrasco is hoping that she can help mold a brand-new wave of female entrepreneurs by sharing her stories and experiences. Carrasco shares a sentiment of resilience that she both lives by and encourages others to follow as well. “In this lifetime, we all are here for a purpose and a point. That inner voice, that feeling that you cannot shake. That thought you should not ignore,” Carrasco states. “That is your calling, your gift. Don’t let fear stand in your way.”

To learn more about the entrepreneurial force that is Jennifer Carrasco, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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