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MindStir Media, Led by #1 Bestselling Author J.J. Hebert, is Revolutionizing Self-Publishing




J.J. Hebert, founder of MindStir Media

Mindstir Media, a self-publishing company run by renowned author J.J. Hebert, is revolutionizing self-publishing. The company is helping writers with a creative edge to gain popularity for their work. Mindstir not only allows authors to take full control of their work but it is also allows them to keep up to 100% royalties for their efforts.

J.J. Hebert, the #1 bestselling author, along with his publishing staff, is helping people publish their work through the Mindstir Media platform. He has an expertise in writing four #1 bestsellers of his own and he helps his writer clients with editing as well as the marketing of their books. Mindstir Media offers an opportunity for self-publishing authors to reach retailers, wholesalers, and booksellers in more than 100 countries.

Guidance from Expert Publishers

Mindstir Media, J.J. Hebert, and his team of publishing professionals guide individuals in publishing their work. Hence, a first-time author gets the best possible advice to publish his book with ease. And it is really crucial for every self-publisher to have guidance from an expert in order to achieve success.

By connecting with the expert publishing team from Mindstir Media — who themselves have a long experience in the writing world – this helps every writer to produce an excellent book.

Helps in Brand Recognition

Award-winning author J.J. Hebert doesn’t just help writers by offering his self-publishing guide but he also offers the right one-on-one guidance related to editing, publishing, and designing of their self-publishing project. Many authors, entrepreneurs, and business owners have already published their books with Mindstir Media.

J.J. Hebert has helped them take their manuscripts to the next level through his professional editing services. In addition to this, he has provided design and marketing services through Mindstir Media. And it has helped a lot of self-publishing authors in getting their products recognized in the market. Thus, Mindstir Media is helping aspiring writers in gaining brand recognition with ease.

Plenty of Self-Publishing Services

The self-publishing company helps to provide plenty of services to its clients. In doing so, the company helps every author to gain full control over his work. Moreover, it also allows every author to get 100% of royalties from his product. One can enjoy full freedom in keeping elements in his work as per his preferences.

A plethora of services made available by Mindstir Media allows every self-publisher to publish his books with ease. The availability of customer-specific self-publishing services makes this publishing company enjoy an excellent position in the market. It is gaining immense popularity among people with writing skills.

The company offers services such as author mentoring, book design, editing, book printing, book distribution, ebook conversion & publishing, book publicity, and marketing. J.J. Hebert, the owner of this company has got recognition for his four #1 Amazon best sellers. And he has won awards nine times due to his excellent work. He is utilizing all his expertise in helping writers publish their work on their own.

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